Shawn Paul Thompson Art

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Shawn Paul Thompson is an abstract contemporary painter who works with acrylic and mixed mediums. Shawn’s process begins with layered applications, which are peeled back to reveal a bigger story, feeling, or world. Shawn Paul prefers to use his palette knife and brush to build and reveal narratives in his work. Shawn Paul is always on the move and this is reflected in his art. 

Shawn Paul’s piece “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers, Anymore” is full of layers. A beautiful burst of pedals is how I would describe it, all coming together to form an angelic flower. This piece would compliment any room in your home, and it’s the perfect gift for the abstract art lover in your family.   

You Don’t Bring Me Flowers, Anymore

Canvas the Globe

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Ariel Clark is a Canadian artist who enjoys capturing the small parts of the city through her art, whether it’s a popular landmark, or a hidden gem that locals keep secret. When Ariel travels, she not only likes to remember the trip through photos, but she encapsulates it through art.  She even takes time to paint the travels of others. 

The Toronto FlatIron building is an iconic structure, hard to miss in the heart of the city, and Ariel has painted a beautiful portrait honouring it. The rainy day adds an extra layer of emotion to the piece, making it sure to spark some conversation in your home or office. 

Toronto Flatiron, Ontario Art Print

Kryart Studio

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Kristyn Watterworth is a painter looking to bring a little more brightness into each passing day. She fell in love with painting at the age of twelve, and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from York University. Travelling gives Kristyn inspiration for her paintings. She is also a teacher who helped hundreds of students in her former studio in Bayfield. It is from this experience where she pulled even more ideas for her art. This allowed Kristyn to constantly grow and mature as an artist. Currently Kristyn is focusing on animals, which leads us to our featured piece, “Gerty.”

Gerty is a groovy Giraffe who appears to have stepped right out of the psychedelic seventies. It would make the day of the giraffe or animal lover in your family. Gerty is a groovy Giraffe who appears to have stepped right out of the psychedelic seventies. It would make the day of the giraffe or animal lover in your family.


Aimee Ruoff


Product Description

Aimee is a young artist from the Toronto area who seeks inspiration each day for a new painting. Aimee pulls oil paintings from her imagination and observations. Her work delves into the relationship between the natural and the spiritual, and the mundane and sublime through visual storytelling.

Her piece “Fire Inside” captures the essence of a roaring fire on a Christmas night. You can imagine sitting around the cozy flames with the family decked out in pyjamas, watching old Christmas movies, eating cookies with hot cocoa, and waiting for Santa’s arrival (don’t forget to turn off the fire so he can make it down the chimney!)

Fire Inside

White Wolf

Product Description

Arwynn Davey is a graphic designer located in Toronto, Ontario. Some fun facts about Arwynn include, Photoshopping all her photos; she’s actually seven feet tall with green hair. She kicks her printer, when no one is looking of course. In addition to love her other passion is working out, specifically marathons, she’s run a few.

We’ve decided to feature her piece White Wolf, and if this doesn’t yell winter at you, I don’t know what does. The majestic wolf sitting on top of a snow mound is what a cold Canadian winter is all about. Go ahead and add it to your collection.

Feather Design – Red

Product Description

Blue Design brings the world of faux design and interior painting to your home or commercial enterprise. Founder and owner Vicky Hare honed her design skills through travel and learning from some of the top designers around the globe. Vicky studied for six years in Italy, which became her inspiration. She was exposed to amazing paintings and architecture. Vicky practiced her knack for specialized and textured faux finishes in California, Florida, and Minneapolis. Toronto is now her home, where she designs handcrafted and painted paddles.

We’ve chosen to feature the Feather design paddle, which can be an elegant piece in any room in your home for the holidays.

Ethel Voronkova


Product Description

Ethel is an Ontario based contemporary artist born in the Philippines. She moved to Canada with her family when she was only 9 years old. Her abstract paintings offer bold forms, layered colours, and interconnected strips of paint. Her paintings study her observations and reflections on life. She aims to capture struggle and strife surrounded by beauty. 

Ethel studied fine art at Centennial college and Design Foundations and Graphic design at Humber. She shows her work all over Ontario, including the Arta Gallery, Twist Gallery, and Toronto Outdoor Art Fair. Her gorgeous “Resting for a moment” piece is an icy gem with a stark burgundy line carving through the cold blue.

Her gorgeous “Under Fire” piece is a warm gem with a stark orange tones and a three dimensional feel sure to be the centrepiece of any room. 

Under fire

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