The Gathering of 50 Start-ups from Around the Globe in Kobe!

In partnership with the American venture capital firm 500 Global (500 Startups), the City of Kobe has begun recruitment for the "500 Founder Academy" program. The 1st Batch of the program involves 50 start-ups from 22 countries.

Press release(2021-9-21) – Original

In partnership with the American venture capital firm 500 Global (500 Startups), the City of Kobe has begun recruitment for the 2nd Batch of the “500 Founder Academy” program from September 21st. This year, the program has expanded its cohort from 20 companies in previous years to 100 companies so that more startups can benefit from this program.

Kobe City, with the aim to foster the growth of the Japanese startup ecosystem in Kobe, has partnered with 500 Global and launched the “500 KOBE ACCELERATOR” in 2016.

In the past five cohorts, 88 startups were carefully selected out of 1000 companies to receive special training. Participants managed to raise more than 12 Trillion Yen (USD 120 million) in funding. For the 2020 cohort, the program was held virtually as a precaution against the spread of COVID-19; this resulted in the freedom to accept companies regardless of the country of origin into the program.

With the accumulated knowledge to date, this year’s program will benefit more startups with potential access to 500 Global’s Growth Hacks, giving the participants in the online training program a better chance to succeed. The cohort from previous years (2016-2020) was 20 startups annually and will be increased to 100 for this year. In addition, there will be opportunities to partner with other Kobe City startup support programs, resulting in an environment where a wide variety of startups can grow.

1. Program Outline 

1. Program Name: 500 Founder Academy in partnership with Kobe (2nd Batch)

2. Program Duration: November 15th (Monday) to December 10th (Friday) 2021

3. Delivery method: Online

4. Qualifications:
• Founders or aspiring Entrepreneurs, domestic or foreign
• Seed (MVP built) or Early-stage (PoC, with customers, investors)
• Recommended for start-ups with a product and team in place

5. Cohort: 50 teams per batch

6. Program Content:
• Marketing, Sales, Funding video training from 500 Global’s experts in the industry.
• Q & A sessions with 500 Global Mentors.

Video programs are translated to Japanese. Q & A sessions will be supported by interpreters present. This program is not a funding round from 500 Global.

2. Program Application Period

September 21st to October 15th 2021

Use the link below to apply(applications will be screened by 500 Global and Kobe City):

A Word From Bedy Yang

We believe that the best talent resides beyond Silicon Valley, and we have seen such talent active through the programs held in the city of Kobe for the last five years. Through this new program, we hope more founders can benefit from access to 500 Global’s curriculum, and we will be happy if we can be part of the growth process of these startups.

Bedy Yang – Managing Partner at 500 Startups

3. About the participants from the 1st Batch of the 500 Founder Academy

The 1st Batch of the program held from September 6th to October 1st 2021, it involves 50 start-ups from 22 countries.

1ACKTEC TechnologiesSingapore 🇸🇬26Pafit KK.Japan 🇯🇵
2Big Ear GamesFinland 🇫🇮27PEEL LabJapan 🇯🇵
3BreatheIOPakistan 🇵🇰28PJP Eye Ltd.Japan 🇯🇵
4Capital Entreprise ET Plus SASCongo 🇨🇬29QlueIndonesia 🇮🇩
5ChargigoIndia 🇮🇳30SALUBATANigeria 🇳🇬
6Coonectee Inc.Japan 🇯🇵31Smart TissuesChile 🇨🇱
7emol KK.Japan 🇯🇵32SolarDuckNetherlands 🇳🇱
8First Brand Inc.Japan 🇯🇵33Sunlit Seedlings Ltd.Japan 🇯🇵
9FlintJapan 🇯🇵34susuROBO KK.Japan 🇯🇵
10FTearsPakistan 🇵🇰35Swag LearningIndia 🇮🇳
11GranularityCanada 🇨🇦36TenatchCanada 🇨🇦
12Ima-mirai School Inc.Japan 🇯🇵37The Flying Thai Food Coop.Thailand 🇹🇭
13Infinite GlassesChina 🇨🇳38Tika HealthHong Kong 🇭🇰
14iscream, Inc.Japan 🇯🇵39Trambellir Sdn Bhd.Malaysia 🇲🇾
15JoyfulPersonSingapore 🇸🇬40Turing ChainTaiwan 🇹🇼
16KaptaineSingapore 🇸🇬41UptimaiCzechia 🇨🇿
17KiKi SocialUSA 🇺🇸42VirtueraIndia 🇮🇳
18KINESIX Sports Inc.Canada 🇨🇦43Vivax ServiçosBrazil 🇧🇷
19KinixJapan 🇯🇵44WeavAirCanada 🇨🇦
20LocogridThailand 🇹🇭45XenoCode Inc.Japan 🇯🇵
21miiruJapan 🇯🇵46XperiencEraLithuania 🇱🇹 🇨🇿47KK. AMDlabJapan 🇯🇵
23MUSUBI BRAND AGENCYAustralia 🇦🇺48KK. fixUJapan 🇯🇵
24Noetic DigitalJapan 🇯🇵49KK. PROTOCOLJapan 🇯🇵
25Nona 911Belgium 🇧🇪50KK. xCuraJapan 🇯🇵

About 500 Global

500 Global(formerly 500 Startups) is a venture capital firm that invests early in founders building fast-growing technology companies. We focus on markets where technology, innovation, and capital can unlock long-term value and drive economic growth. 500 Global has backed over 6,000 founders representing more than 2,500 companies operating in77 countries. Our portfolio includes 33 companies valued at more than $1 billion and 120 companies valued at over $100 million. Our team members are located in more than 15 countries and bring experience as entrepreneurs, investors, and operators from some of the world’s leading technology companies.

500 Global Website: Startups

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