I Struck Gold when I Found GoldStruck Coffee

Goldstruck Coffee, located in Yorkville, Toronto, is like a secret hideaway to enjoy espresso drinks, teas and some baked pastries.

Goldstruck Coffee is like a secret hideaway to enjoy espresso drinks, teas and some baked pastries. Since it’s located in a semi-basement near Bay Station, which has a number of shops around, I didn’t even notice the café at first. However there were many customers inside and almost all tables were taken when I opened the door. I usually want to keep experiencing new cafés and never go back to the previous one, but I became a regular customer here. Enjoying a cup of London fog at this coffee shop has become one of my most favourite moments in life.

Today, I’m going to write about all attractive points about Goldstruck Coffee. Let’s explore with me! 🙂

Though, it looks pretty small from the outside, the café has many tables and the common space extends all the way to the back. each table seats two people and has different artistic pictures next to a piece of a lighting equipment. This setup makes the café great!

London fog not from London?

I usually order London fog, which is made from one third earl grey tea, formed milk, and some lavender syrup. Did you know this amazing drink is originally from Vancouver? I actually didn’t know about it until I came to Canada.

London fog tastes a little bit sweeter than the normal earl grey tea, but not too much. I love the perfect balance. Also, to kick it up a notch, I have a piece of chocolate to complement the tea. 

I’m a big fan of their hot chocolate too. I can even say this is the best one I’ve ever had. It is sweet , has a very rich taste and it makes me feel relaxed.

As you can see in the picture on the left, there are many customers working on their laptop. I’m sure tasty drinks, free-wifi, and the good mood help us be more productive. On the other hand, this is also the perfect place for chatting with friends. The cool BGM and the dim light make us want to talk more for some reason…

What I love about the café is not only the tasty drinks and chocolate, but also it can be anything depending on the purpose. For example, it can sometimes be my workplace, a place for interacting with people, and a place for relaxing alone. It is like my second house in Canada and I am so happy that I have found a place like this!

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