Everyone Needs A Superhero! Diversity Is The Solution!

Everyone needs a superhero and Heroes Of The World is determined to design a diverse set of heroes who will inspire kids around the world.

Summer movie season is postponed this year. On most hot summer days the silver screen lights up with blockbuster movies starring the world’s most beloved superheroes. Avengers: Endgame released in theatres last year. The biggest comic book brawl to see the big screen. You could say the movie had a hero for everyone…or did it? Marvel’s superheroes, even the one’s hailing from Wakanda, or other dimensions, feel very American, and that’s because they are. Superhero films like Avengers cater to an American audience, which is fine, if there is representation for superheroes outside of America. That’s the void Canadian artists Mark Williams and Joe Bonsu fill with their Heroes Of The World project.

A superhero for those of colour
“Black & Proud” T-shirts from Heroes Of The World $30

Heroes Of The World creates superheroes from countries around the world. They emphasize the importance of global unity and diversity through art. Each country’s hero inspires pride for heritage and background, while highlighting the importance of coming together as one.

Mark & Joe’s mission is to create and develop a brand to unify people from all walks of life. They do this through t-shirts, posters, and hats, featuring each country’s superhero. Mark graduated from Sheridan college’s Illustration and Digital Animation programs. His imagination comes from video games and manga. Art inspired Joe Bonsu since his childhood days of reading his brother’s Batman comics. His fascination led him to Sheridan college, and Seneca College’s Digital Animation, Art Fundamentals, and Digital media programs.

A superhero for everyone in Toronto

Heroes Of The World has an inspiring line-up of products and superheroes not only for countries, but for smaller Canadian cities like Mississauga, Toronto, and Brampton. To learn more about the amazing storylines and diverse line-up of characters sure to excite a younger audience, visit: https://theheroesoftheworld.com/mini-comics/

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