Wooden Puzzle Name Made From 100% Canadian Maple

Wooden Puzzle Name Canada is a family business centred around the most important word in the world: your name

“A person’s name is to him or her, the sweetest and most important sound in any language”

-Dale Carnegie

Your name is one of the first gifts you ever receive, aside from the gift of life. It is property you carry throughout your journey and one of the first items you present when you meet a new acquaintance. It is a distinguishing feature, a form of identification more common and personal than a fingerprint. If you want to thoroughly impress someone, remember their name after meeting them only once, and you’ll win their admiration. Wooden Puzzle Name Canada is a small family business specializing in handcrafted wooden toys centring around children’s names.

Wooden puzzle name spelling out Madison

All toys from Wooden Puzzle Name are handcrafted with 100% Canadian Maple. All toys are easily customizable down to the colour and text. The blocks are more than just toys, they’re educational tools, teaching children how to recognize and spell their own name, and puzzles foster problem solving skills and coordination.

Wooden puzzle name spelling Sammi

My personal favourite offering from Wooden Puzzle Names is the Wooden Magnetic Train, which carries children’s names with full steam. For more information and to view other products Wooden Puzzle Names Canada offers visit: https://www.woodenpuzzlename.com/

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