Books With Life Lessons For Kids

Meaghan Hadwyn & Niki Snjaric were two moms tired of reading fluffy kids books and wanted to offer a realistic outlook on life. Together they founded Other Life Lessons, writing a series of books discussing the struggles of life.

Children’s books are magical. They address difficult concepts through simple metaphors, scenarios, and adventures, which are entertaining and educational. But, there are only so many concepts the Berenstain Bears & Arthur can teach before getting serious. That’s where Other Life Lessons takes over, providing honest children’s books doubling as parental teaching tools. These books address pressing life situations like grief and work, which can be a learning experience for kids and parents.

Meaghan Hadwyn & Niki Snjaric founders of Other Life Lessons kids books
Meaghan Hadwyn & Niki Snjaric founders of Other Life Lessons

Kids Books Packing Some Life Lessons

Founders Meaghan Hadwyn & Niki Snjaric, two moms tired of reading fluffy kids books, operate Other Life Lessons publishing in Toronto. The two met at a Toronto advertising agency while working in a creative team. A strong chemistry developed, and then they gave birth merely six weeks apart, sharing another commonality: motherhood. The duo wanted to examine life’s roadblocks with their children in a realistic tone, so they created Other Life Lessons. Books from Other Life Lessons express unspoken truths and struggles we endure through growth.

Below are a list of titles Other Life Lessons offers, a perfect Mother’s Day gift. For more information visit

Why Mommy Works — $11.99

Why mommy works - a book with life lessons about work.

Have you faced the question: “Mommy where are you going?” To which you respond, “I’m going to work sweetheart,” to which your child responds, “Why work?” Maybe you even ask yourself the same question. This book lists some of the many reasons Mom’s work and their thoughts throughout a work day.

Sometimes Someone Dies — $11.99

Sometimes someone dies. A book with life lessons about death.

Grief is one of the most difficult emotions to handle, yet it paves the road to recovery. Grief can form a grey cloud over your world, darkening everything you see. This book will remind you that even though loss is universal, love lives on.

Sunshine and Screen Time — $11.99

Sunshine and screen time. A book with life lessons about too much screen time and finding balance.

Technology is an unavoidable part of life and teaching children how to use it to their advantage, without being consumed by it, is essential. This book helps children appreciate the world outside the screen, subtly explaining the balance of when to play on devices and when to turn them off.

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