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Owner Chantal Carter and her company Love & Nudes believes the world is stronger when women are put first.

Our naked form, for most, is something we dread exposing to the world. We all have certain blemishes that we’d rather keep private and reject than embrace. Women have the hardest journey with their bodies, having to live up to the media’s unrealistic expectations and their own. Chantal Carter and her company Love & Nudes believes the world is stronger when we agree to put women first.

Chantal Carter owner of Love and Nudes

Love & Nudes’ supply chain is female from end-to-end, as are all the organizations they partner with. Chantal has a decade of experience in the fashion and beauty industries holding positions as a fashion editor, wardrobe stylist, and product developer. Throughout her ten year journey she noticed underrepresentation for women of colour, so she started Love & Nudes; a collection of modern undergarments complimenting any woman’s body. The goal is to let women of colour explore fashion and build the wardrobe they desire.

Loving life in the nude

The Love & Nudes brand expands beyond underwear. It is creating a global community to connect and share individuality and celebrate diversity.

These bras are designed for comfort with no use of underwires. The bras are form fitting, moisture wicking, and soft enough to sleep in, and the bra straps convert into a racerback style.

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