FireFighter Gear Made New Again

Peggy made a bag for her kids using her husband's old firefighter gear instead of throwing it away. Little did she know, she was on her way to starting her own business!

Many of us look around our houses spotting eye sores; old items we want to discard or replace with something new and shiny. What if we could take those items and turn the clock back Benjamin Button style? Most items resemble the era they were made in. 80s & 90s fashion is very unique and stands out from modern minimalist design. So, in order to make an old product new, we have to change everything about it. That’s Past Into New’s specialty: taking old firefighter gear and transforming it into something new.

The story starts in 2009, when owner Peggy made a bag for one of her boys using her husband’s old firefighter gear. After making a few more bags, and investing in new sewing machines, Peggy was on the cusp of a business. She learned to attach zippers to her products, built and designed more items, and got accepted to her first craft show five years later. In 2016, Peggy quit her nursing day job, dedicating all her time to perfecting Past Into New.

Peggy beefed up her product line offering belts, pencil cases, notebooks, and even shaving kits in addition to backpacks. Perfect for kids with firefighter heroes! Below is a list of Peggy’s products, to learn more visit

Firefighter Gear Backpack — $140

Firefighter backpack

Spiderman & Batman backpacks are everywhere, but real inspirational heroes don’t get much credit. Past Into New’s backpacks are made from recycled fire gear, featuring a large pocket in the front, perfect for lunches, and a small side storage pocket. The bags are also offered in tan and yellow in addition to black.

Firefighter Gear Dog Leashes — $23

Firefighter hose dog leash

Nothing is more important to a firefighter than his canine companion! For your own pooch try these leashes made from recycled rubber fire hoses featuring a two-inch silver clip.

Firefighter Gear Wallets — $45

Image for post

No velcro on these wallets! Produced from recycled firefighter gear it’s the perfect way to keep your belongings safe.

Ring Bearer Pillow — $18

Image for post

For those of you with a wedding coming up and a few first responders in the family, these ring bearer pillows are a must have. Made from recycled firefighter gear, the pillow is reflective, hooks on the front, and offers a small strap handle on the back.

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