This Lip Balm Is About More Than Lips

Is it time to open up the kissing booth? If it is, Jessica and her company More Than Lips offer a line-up of products to get your lips ready for the big event.

Reports on stock markets hitting all time lows and unemployment reaching all time highs are rampant these days. Who’s reporting kissing statistics? We at Tenatch believe that during quarantine, signs of affection have dropped. With economies ramping up and closures turning into openings, kissing numbers will rise, but are you ready? We have no advice to give in the technique department. We can’t tell you how to muster the courage to go in for the tender touch. We also don’t know how to handle those thoughts about the health of the person you’re about to embrace. However, More Than Lips offers lip balm to get your lips ready for the big event!

It’s all in the name, or lip balm.

More Than Lips is dedicated to a simple powerful approach. The company only uses ethically sourced sustainable ingredients, with no animal products, by-proucts, or testing. All packaging is 100% recyclable. Classic lip balms use formulated chemicals, and other brands use beeswax. More Than Lips offers plant based lip balms, with a formula delivering hydration and a satisfying feel.

Different More Than Lips balm styles

Jessica, owner of More Than Lips, offers a variety of balm flavours, including orange, lemon, and birthday cake. To learn more about the product line-up visit

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