Neon Acrylic Art Will Brighten Up Your Home

Welcome to Toronto pop-art with a neon flair, cemented in concrete to last a lifetime! These art-pieces will spark conversation in any room.

Are you under the impression concrete is only for construction? Designed for big bulky buildings, intercontinental bridges, large roads, and Hoover dams? Well, Kast Studios uses concrete for art! Kast Studios designs and builds products in Toronto using high quality materials for pieces that last a lifetime. Their high quality laser cut neon acrylic art pieces capture light, becoming funky accents in your home. Kast Studio’s solid selection is listed below. For more information about their products, visit

Neon Acrylic art exist sign

Exist Sign — $75

Here’s a good piece to hang above your door reminding you to live a little as you enter the cold cruel world. Ok, a little dramatic, but the sign holds value. It’s important to get out and be yourself, work as hard as you can, and relax at the end of the day. Limited edition Exist signs are made using thick laser cut acrylic. Think it’s missing that Exit sign glow? The Exist sign is slightly translucent and can be backlit in red!

The Greatest boxer ever neon acrylic art piece

“The Greatest” Neon Acrylic Art Statue — $65

We’ve all seen the stunning photo, blown up billboard size, of the greatest boxer of all time standing over his fallen opponent, but I don’t think we’ve seen it in acrylic form. The statue is perfect for boxing and pop culture fans looking to add flair to their living space. A solid concrete base holds the eight inch laser cut acrylic statue firm.

The Toronto Tower in acrylic

“Toronto Tower” — $40

There’s no bigger or more iconic Toronto landmark, literally towering over the entire city. Now it’s time to bring that towering icon into your home. The towers come in two sizes, sixteen inch and eight inch, with four colours: green, orange, pink, and blue. The acrylic naturally captures and amplifies light, which gives the tower a realistic glow. The towers are a fun nod to living in the world’s greatest city!

Michaelgelo's statue of David in acrylic

“David” As Neon Acrylic Art — $40

Said to be one of the most flawless statues in existence, Michelangelo’s Statue of David is located in the Galleria dell’Accademia in Florence. Instead of going on a EuroTrip, Kast Studios designed a cheeky pop piece allowing you to admire the statue from your sofa. The statue comes in green or pink. A concrete base holds the eight inch figure firm. Perfect for any art lover or fan of the ultimate male figure.

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