A Custom Pencil Portrait To Immortalize Your Pet

Toronto sketch artist Oliver Stockely loves all things with paws and claws. He sketches people's beautiful furry friends with incredible detail

Pet lovers gather around! If you ever wanted a custom hand drawn pencil portrait of your four-legged friend, contact Oliver Stockley. Oliver grew up in the beauty of the UK’s countryside. He developed a love for all things with paws and claws, carrying this love into his artistic endeavours.

After a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome, Oliver ventured into art. He drew regularly, and the more he drew, the happier he became. His pencil became his remedy. He moved to Toronto in 2017, where he works as a full time artist. His work centres around showing off the beauty of Canada’s most beloved animals using a perfected pencil technique. Oliver uses innovative mark making on a black and white palette to capture every whisker. The detail of his work combines elements of realism and stylized line work.

custom pencil drawing of a cat

If you have a pet, I highly recommend letting Oliver work his magic to draw up custom pencil portrait for you. Oliver does not limit his drawings to dogs and cats. He will happily draw turtles, rabbits, or anything in between. Oliver offers two stunning portrait styles: Simple & Detailed. If you’re interested in working with Oliver visit: https://www.ostockley.com/

Custom pencil drawing of a bigger cat

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