Lisa Young Designs Will Get Your Shine On!

Lisa Young's designs & jewellery will leave you confident and glowing all day.

Whatever it may be, Lisa Young Designs makes it possible to literally wear your heart on your sleeve.

From cufflinks to earrings to belt buckles, these personality filled accessories need a place in your wardrobe. The wide selection is all handmade and long-lasting. Many pieces are repurposed or use vintage items, but with Lisa Young’s designs, they become modern and unique.

Lisa Young and her game theme belt buckle
Game Theme Belt Buckle $70 (

These personable accessories are perfect for a gift, unlike any big-box products. It takes into consideration the person’s passion and interests into a sophisticated wearable form.

Lisa Young and her travel theme long heart necklace
Travel Theme Long Heart Necklace $70 (

So be YOU, be confident, be the best, and get your shine on today because you can!


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