Handmade Notebooks From Hannelore Tell Your Story

These Toronto notebooks from Hannelore Sotzek, a woman who dedicates her life to books, can be customized with different paper types and are bound through a centuries old coptic binding technique.

Writing is unique for everyone. Some ferociously type stories in word processors, others painstakingly hand-write their tales. For those who prefer to use pen and paper, you know the value of your materials. A pen with the right flow lets you effortlessly transcribe your thoughts and handmade notebooks can become a vessels for your words.

Hannelore Sotzek, owner of Hannelore’s Story Works, dedicates her life to books. She studies, writes, edits, illustrates, and now hand-crafts books in Canada. Hannelore’s covers capture the eye, and we know not to judge books by their cover, but we’ll make an exception for Hannelore. A variety of writers, with different stories, buy Hannelore’s handmade notebooks, so she uses several paper styles, including: Chiyogami: Hand silk-screened papers from JapanLokta: Handmade in the mountain regions of Nepal. Florentine: Machine printed papers highlighting Italian craftsmanship. Indian: Made from Indian recycled rustic paper.

Coptic binding is a centuries old technique Hannelore implements in her handmade notebooks
Coptic binding is a centuries old technique Hannelore implements

Hannelore’s coptic binding method is the centre piece of her books. Coptic binding is a centuries-old technique, which molds covers and page sections together through intricate hand-stitching. Coptic binding allows books to lie flat when open. Hannelore stitches through each sheet of paper with an Irish wax linen thread for security.

It’s important you feel good using Hannelore’s books. The better you feel, the better your writing will be. That’s why Hannelore ensures each book is comfortable and built to the highest standard. A blank book is a fresh start, an opportunity to write whatever you desire. To learn more about Hannelore’s Story Works and to browse their product-line, visit: https://www.story-works.ca

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