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Amar Bhuee

Amaranthus & Limonium Misty Blue Flower Mini Wall Hanging ($80)

Product Description

Amar was born in Southeast London, England to a family that loved working with their hands. Amar’s family moved to Canada when she was 3 years old, settling in the scenic town of Cambridge, Ontario, where Amar still lives today with her husband and cat.

Her artistic journey began in 2008, when a friend encouraged her to sell her photography at a local art show. Amar loved meeting new people while selling her work, and she realized how art has the potential to forge relationships between people. After selling her photographs Amar had a new direction for her art: portability. She believed that if her art became portable, or wearable, it could be shared with more people, and spark even more connections. How many times have you forged a new relationship with someone who’s complimented you on what you’re wearing? Probably very often, because art and fashion are points of connection between people. 

Amar experimented with new materials, teaching herself how to soder and encase objects. Encasement expanded Amar’s art into the world of botanicals and keepsakes, which are the cornerstones of her work today.

Amar’s Misty Blue Wall Flower Wall Hanger is a gorgeous piece handmade with love and care. It is a simple and delicate piece perfect for a romantic gift or a treat to yourself.

Comfee Living

Red Micro-suede Comfee Cushion ($65) ($60)

Product Description

Boomers and Zoomers gather around. Tired of living in discomfort? Are you ready to receive therapeutic benefits from your cushions? Comfee Living is here for you. Keri-Lee Benson, owner of Comfee Living, is a self-taught designer and artisan. A passionate environmentalist, Keri-Lee is driven by colour and texture, with a need to design beautiful multi-functional items. Kerri-Lee often cooks up ways to improve the value and function of products.

This Red Micro Suede Comfee Cushion screams Christmas, and it’s not just for looks! The vibration increases blood flow and oxygen to the muscles, helping your body to release tension and stress. It is great for sore, tired, and overused muscles. It’s also great for chronic pain, restless leg syndrome, fibromyalgia, back pain, and arthritis. The cushion is push activated when you sit and portable. Start living comfortably today!

Dark Green – Hard Cover ($35)

Product Description

Notebooks from Catalina Sanchez fully embrace our fascination with durable, physical storage spaces for our most prized possessions: our words. These notebooks are crafted by hand in Toronto using locally sourced environmentally friendly materials. Each person has unique thoughts, and Catalina Sanchez is dedicated to crafting unique personalized daily notebooks for them. The notebooks are offered with soft, hard, fabric, and faux leather covers. Whether you enjoy flowers, origami, zebras, or just a particular shade of blue, Catalina Sanchez notebooks have you covered.

The Dark Green Hardcover notebook is a handcrafted notebook designed to give your inner genius the space it deserves. This dark green hardcover screams Christmas, maybe it’s a great place to write your list to Santa. Use this journal as a reflection of your work, goals, accomplishments, dreams, and emotions. The book comes in 2 sizes; a pocket 4×5.5” or journal 5.5×8.5.”

Aqua Batik ($42)

Product Description

Hannelore Sotzek, owner of Hannelore’s Story Works, dedicates her life to books. She studies, writes, edits, illustrates, and now hand-crafts books in Canada. Hannelore’s covers capture the eye, and we know not to judge books by their cover, but we’ll make an exception for Hannelore. A variety of writers, with different stories, buy Hannelore’s books, so she uses several paper styles, including: Chiyogami: Hand silk-screened papers from Japan. Lokta: Handmade in the mountain regions of Nepal. Florentine: Machine printed papers highlighting Italian craftsmanship. Indian: Made from Indian recycled rustic paper.

Hannelore’s coptic binding method is the centre piece of her books. Coptic binding is a centuries-old technique, which molds covers and page sections together through intricate hand-stitching. Coptic binding allows books to lie flat when open and Hannelore’s stitches through each sheet of paper with an Irish wax linen thread for security.

Oldenburg Small Messenger ($475)

Product Description

Sadelmager Design House believes in making everyday extraordinary through functional pieces of art. This design house is dedicated to crafting luxury leather goods that work as hard as the wearer. Goods from Sadelmager, including bags and belts, are designed to last a lifetime and are built for durability. Pieces from the Sadelmager lineup are sure to become a staple in your wardrobe. 

The Oldenburg Small Messenger is made to order. It is a minimalist piece with a spacious interior and drawstring closure. It’s also featured in a stunning oxblood red, made from a leather that deepens in colour, becoming more elegant overtime.

The Unpaper Towel

Product Description

We often track our expenses, monitoring money funnelling in and out of our accounts. We take stock of low-running essentials before grocery shopping. How often do you study your waste bin? Taking inventory on your waste is the first step to zeroing it out, and perfection does not happen overnight. The owners of Love Your Planet are dedicated to creating a waste free environment one product at a time.

Love Your Planet products are designed and handcrafted for zero waste living. They are reusable alternatives to big brand disposables. Love Your Planet is a family business, with each member involved in inventory, sales, web development, packaging, and shipping.

Feel free to leave the Bounty on the shelf. All Unpaper towels are pre-washed and shrunk, featuring soft flannel on the front and absorbent Terry cloth on the back. The tube is the exact size of standard paper towel rolls and fits perfectly in your paper-towel holders.

Christmas Holiday Lineup (Price Varies)

Product Description

Mello Scentsations uses hand poured soy and shea butter based candles, unlike the store-bought paraffin variety. Scentsations use wooden wicks and all natural essential oils. Each candle is custom made and hand poured for a unique relaxation experience. The wooden wicks offer longer burning times: 3oz burns 20hrs; 8oz burns 50hrs; 16oz burns 80hrs

You might have to buy every candle from this line-up because they all smell so good! Spicy and warm scented cinnamon or sweet peppermint candy cane with a hint of vanilla. Skip building a gingerbread house and buy a gingerbread candle instead, which features a cinnamon and nutmeg aroma topped with sugar and rich vanilla. And finally, how about a kiss beside the mistletoe candle, which offers a pine scent with notes of berries and sweet apples. 

Jellyfish Planter ($45)

Product Description

Mika Plant Shop located on 1593 Dundas Street in Toronto, close to the famous Lula Lounge, is owned by Hiroshima born Mika Sato. Mika grew up surrounded by endless inspirational nature. While in Japan, she studied the floral art of Ikebana, which influenced her design, style, and aesthetic. Perhaps her most beautiful work comes in the form of elegant “Jellyfish Potters.” Her style is aesthetically pleasing and functional. A unique blend of hand built and wheel thrown pottery and floral elements.

Irie Autumn | Fall Candle ($20)

Product Description

Nautana is a Toronto based soy candle company. They handpour each jar with ultimate care and have thoroughly thought through each combination of scents to create the perfect harmony. Nautana’s mission is to create an inner nirvana.

Why not spread a little Joy this Christmas season! There is nothing that makes you feel better than finding a perfectly handcrafted candy cane, sweet and refreshing scent. Turn your living room into a candy cane kingdom with notes of vanilla and peppermint, with each wife reminding you of the wonders of Christmas. 

Beewax Wraps ($25)

Product Description

Nobu & Ting sells kitchen and bath products that are earth-friendly. Their signature product is their handmade beeswax wraps that are colourful in patterns and are reusable, making you want to use the product again and again. There are many variations to the colours as well as the size. There are small ones that can be used as wrapping for snacks, or larger ones that can be used to cover dishes. What are the magic ingredients behind these amazing reusable wraps? 100% Canadian beeswax, tree resin, and organic jojoba oil! The beeswax wrap becomes sticky when warmed up by your hands creating the iconic ベタベタ( Bet-A Bet-A) or sticky feeling, but their unique feature is their extra sticky corners, ensuring the wraps cling well to your bowls and dishes. The wraps create less plastic waste by using reusable material and creating a smaller carbon footprint.

Arabesque Studio

Arabesque Bespoke – “Toronto 6” Coaster Set ($110) ($60)

Product Description

Industrial designer Rahim Bhimani is the founder of Arabesque studios. Rahim started his journey in 2014 in San Francisco. Spending many late nights in his woodworking studio building and planning, Rahim had an idea to develop a line of products for the Aga Khan museum in his home town of Toronto. Five years later Rahim decided to scale and now has his own studio in Toronto where he hopes to expand his passion for geometry, design, and business. 

Rahim sold his products at the Aga Khan, designed an installation for Nuit Blanche, and designed the interior of a California mosque. His designs and patterns are inspired by architecture and the places he’s visited and people he’s met. All of Rahim’s designs are hand sketched, digitized, then physically produced by hand.

Although the Raptors did not reach the heights of their 2019 seasons this year, their championship run will never be forgotten. Why not pick up a six piece hand-crafted coaster set for the die-hard Raptor fan in your family this Christmas. The historic Championship run is captured in these beautiful handcrafted walnut coasters. Fun fact, these coasters were originally designed for Toronto mayor John Tory when he visited San Francisco in 2016. 

Modern Floor Lamp / Physalis Light / Geometrical Wooden Light / Office Lighting Globe / See Through Sphere / Geodesic Cherry and Brass Light

Product Description

This is a very cool product sure to shed some light in any area of your home. The best about the lamp is the geometric shadow patterns it casts around the room. This lamp also goes under the name “Physalis,” which is also known as Husk tomato or ground cherry, referring to the aesthetic of the fruit, where the bulb is the fruit and the shade is the dried husk. The sphere is handwoven from 90 steam bent cherrywood sticks, with all the sticks being cut, drilled, sanded, and fastened together with solid brass hardware.

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