Tenatch participated in AICHI CO-CREATION STARTUP PROGRAM 2022 DemoDay

On October 20th 2022, Tenatch intern Shota participated in the AICHI CO-CREATION STARTUP PROGRAM 2022 Demo Day, as a representative at the presentation session, We created a business plan in cooperation with Toyohashi City, 
Aichi Prefecture’s 一宮商工会議所 with the support of our mentor was Mr. Yutaka Shinohara.

We “Tenatch” are an organization that works to solve local issues with technology. This time, we came up with a way to restore the local shopping district that is becoming a shuttered shopping mall. We believe that stores face three main challenges: (1) the inability to come to terms with rent, (2) the lack of customers due to the proliferation of e-commerce, and (3) the lack of advertising. Therefore, we propose one of the company’s services, “Co-Retailing” a concept that allows multiple complementary stores to be combined into a retail space.

Although Tenatch was not selected as a recipient of support, we are glad that our business plan seemed to have made a good impression on the local government. We also feel that it was a step forward for us to have our business plan known by the local government in Japan.

If you are interested, you can watch my presentation in the video below