Crimson Teas – the Beauty and Benefits of Pu-Erh Tea

Crimson Teas, located on the north side of Chinatown, Toronto, is the space for people to experience top quality teas and healthy meals.

Crimson Teas was the place I usually go after my classes on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at around 5 pm when I was still in school. The pieces of furniture used in the teashop are fantastic; the staffs are super friendly and welcoming. Those great traits in one shop creates an excellent atmosphere to study, relax, and socialize. The main reason I enjoy staying at this tea shop is because nothing is pre-made, everything you ordered will be made fresh and since it is an open kitchen, you get to see how everything is made. It also shows their confidence in making safe and healthy food for the customer.

Crimson Teas opened in January 2016, and it is located on the North End of Chinatown next to Mother’s Dumpling. The owner Phillip Chan, who previously worked for the Kidney Foundation of Canada, learned about the health benefits of the Pu-Erh Tea. He told every single customer that the purpose of his tea shop is to serve high-quality tea and at the same time let them know the history, culture, and the health benefits of the Chinese Pu-Erh tea.

Owner Phillip Chan and his Pu-Erh Tea

The owner Phillip Chan is a super friendly person. If you visit the store the first time, he will offer you to try all the teas in the shop. In Chinese, there is a saying that basically translates to your body will tell you what you need through the things you like. Since different tea has different health benefits; with his understanding of some Traditional Chinese Medicine, if you let him feel your hand, he can give you a suggestion of which drink should suit your body best. Different Pu-erh tea has different health benefits, and it is important to know what our body is missing.

He offers five types of Pu-Erh tea, which differs in their fermentation level:

(1) Pu-Erh Green (the least fermented) – high in antioxidants and vitamin C, drinking a cup of this brew every day can help prevent illnesses such as the common cold and flu
(2) Pu-Erh Moonlight White (varies) – a high level of γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA), which is the major inhibitory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system, that helps the body relax
(3) Pu-Erh Raw (fermented on its own) – as it is not fully fermented, the tea polyphenols that help weight loss
(4) Pu-Erh Red (controlled fermentation) – by keeping the fat from being absorbed into your bloodstream, it decreases fat accumulation. It can decrease heart disease risk
(5) Pu-Erh Black (full fermentation) – by keeping the fat from being absorbed into your bloodstream, it decreases fat accumulation. It can decrease heart disease risk

Let me tell you an interesting story, I have always been a bit skeptical about Traditional Chinese Medicine, and don’t really believe in the story of feeling your hand and knowing what your body is missing. I enjoy tea because it tastes good. Despite me trying my best to convince my brother how good it tastes, he never really liked it. I know I have always enjoyed fermented tea more because, different from coffee, which gives me a huge spike in energy an exploded level of concentration, tea gives me more energy in a calming way. I am a Pu-Erh Black and Pu-Erh Red drinker, so by his logic, it means Pu-Erh Raw and Pu-Erh Moonlight White will not fit me. And yes, I have tried both raw and moonlight white. I do not like them at all. One night, I decided to buy my younger brother some Pu-Erh Black Tea because I had been telling him about this place for a while, and not surprised that he did not like it. So the next day after class, I took him to the tea shop and let Phillip feel his hand. With no understanding that my younger brother does not like the Black and Red, he told my younger brother that he would enjoy Raw Pu-Erh tea the most. He fell in love with the raw tea moments after trying, and since then he has been going there to enjoy a cup of tea before heading home.

I will not spoil his story and passion in the following article, but if you are thinking about having some healthy tea or want to know why he does what he does, Crimson Tea is the store for you!

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