Doors Open Toronto – The City Opens Its Doors to All

Do you know about “Doors Open”? This is an annual event in Toronto. This is an opportunity to go and see the inside of significant buildings

Do you know about “Doors Open”? This is a big annual event in Toronto.

This is a precious opportunity that our citizens can get a green light to see inside more than 150 of historically, culturally, architecturally and socially significant buildings across the city usually we cannot gain entry. This is held for two days, 4th Saturday and Sunday in May (some buildings open only one day). You should search for a place where you want to on the website in advance. You do not need to get any special ticket for this event.

All free!!

I visited the old city hall and Toronto’s first post office. The old city hall is one of the famous historical buildings built in 1899. This building is used as a court. It is possible to enter if you pass a security gate, but usually, it’s not opened to the public.

You can visit the museum, or experience how people wrote a letter at that time. The picture I posted above the right is what I wrote then. It was a precious experience because you can hardly have a chance to write a letter with tools used at other times.

For your information, some places have specific rules (ex: cannot use a tripod), so please check it before you visit there,

It’s time to get into buildings that you have been interested in 🙂

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