Dog Bow Ties Will Make Your Pooch GQ Ready

Rover Boutique in Toronto offers bowties, collars, flowers, and ever dress shirts to help your furry friends look impeccable at special occasions.

Do you ever look at your dog and say, “Sport, you need a wardrobe makeover.” That’s what Rover Boutique owner AnneMarie Minardi said to her pug, Ella. AnneMaire and Ella met in 2006. They went everywhere together. AnneMarie and Ella were a team. To look the part, they needed matching outfits. AnneMarie searched pet stores, looking for fancy dog bow ties and wardrobe. There were two kinds of collars, leashes, and apparel; pink frills or utilitarian sportswear. Nothing personal or custom matching the duos unique style. AnneMarie took threads into her own hands.

She dusted off her sewing machine and designed a classic elegant navy peacoat, tailored to Ella’s every curve. Today, Rover Boutique offers a range of sewn-in studio pet apparel with unlimited variety. Your pooch will be looking sharp enough to make the cover of GQ.

Image of a pencil drawn dog with multiple collars and bow ties.
Fancy up your dog for a night on the town

Inviting four-legged friends to special events such as weddings is a new trend. To be a guest, they need a proper outfit. Rover Boutique offers dog bow ties, collars, flowers, and even shirts to help your furry friend look impeccable. Apparel comes in three sizes, adjustable within five to six inches. Just incase Chubby hits the Purina hard before the big day. So make your dog the envy of every fashionista in the city and shop online at

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