Nothing Marks The End Of Summer Like A Campfire!

With Campfire Stix you will never lose another marshmallow again! The unique reverse prong will ensure your food stays on your stick.

It’s the Labour Day long weekend. A time to relax and soak up the end of a Canadian summer around a campfire with friends and family. Before driving up to the cottage for the weekend, you went to Costco and bought all the essentials. Marshmallows, hotdogs, burgers, graham crackers, and chocolate. The perfect munchies to help you relax and unwind. Now all you need is something to help you kickstart the fire. That’s where Campfire Stix come in: the perfect tool to get your hot dogs and marshmallows roasting.

Bring Campfire Stix to your next gathering

Campfire Stix are special. Have you ever been on the cusp of a perfectly toasted marshmallow only to have it fall off the end of your stick and die a fiery death? It’s happened to me. Luckily the ingenious Canadian design of Campfire Stix features a reverse prong, to ensure that no marshmallow ever falls off your stick again.

Worried about kids treating skewers like swords? Campfire Stix put safety first. The reverse prong makes it impossible for children (or adults) to inflict damage. Stix are three feet in length, allowing you to sit back comfortably and stay away from the fire in your lawn chair while your food roasts. These stainless steel Stix ensure durability and quality. Each Georgian Bay driftwood handle is one of a kind.

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Meet The Owners of Campfire Stix

Like many campers, brothers Ryan and Patrick, owners of Campfire Stix, spent summer evening around a campfire dropping perfectly edible marshmallows in the dirt. Their father saw an opportunity to improve skewers to save the life of every toasted marshmallow and wiener, giving birth to Campfire Stix.

Custom Campfire Stix

You can find Campfire at a variety of small retail locations across Ontario. If you’re a camper who needs their own custom Campfire Stix, the company has you covered. They make great wedding and birthday gifts. Place your order for custom Campfire Stix at partnered retailers. For more information visit:

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