Give The Bride A Personal Gift She’ll Cherish Forever

EnoBoxes offers personalized presents for special occasions impossible to find anywhere else.

Written By – Joseph Scaglione

There is something about receiving a personalized gift. A custom present that no one else in the world will ever own. A token of a friendship, relationship, and bond that will last a lifetime. If you’re looking for a personalized present for a bride, bride to be, or group of loving bridesmaids, look no further than EnoBoxes.

Enoboxes are customizable to suit the needs of any bride

Owner Nwaokolo Akinbami began EnoBoxes after getting engaged in 2019. She scoured the internet and stores for a personalized gift-box to present her bridesmaids. She couldn’t find any to suit her needs. Nwaokolo found suitable boxes to be overpriced, and other boxes within her budget were not what she wanted. When she couldn’t find the product on a shelf, her entrepreneurial spirit kicked in. Nwaokolo embarked on creating her own gift box from scratch. She fell in love with the process. She hunted down items, research different styles and shapes for boxes, experimented with colour, letting her artistic side flourish. Personalized gift-box crafting became Nwaokolo’s speciality, and a rewarding experience.

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After creating beautiful personalized boxes for her bridesmaids, Nwaokolo wanted to pass this gift to others. As a bride, Nwaokolo understood the significance and dedication of a bridal party; and effort that should be rewarded. She wanted to create gift boxes for other special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, confirmations, and graduations. EnoBoxes has a mission: deliver affordable quality gift boxes for any occasion. This is a value Nwaokolo couldn’t find, so she built it herself. She provides a customizable service that will fit your budget and style.

If you’re wondering, “Eno” means “gift” in Nwaokolo’s native language Igbo. Pair it with the word boxes and voila, “Giftboxes.” For more information on customizations, selections, and prices visit

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