Muskoka Cutting Boards You’ll Love

Muskoka Woodworking is a Canadian woodworking shop selling elite handmade cutting boards, serving trays, and beer caddies, perfect for entertaining guests.

How often do you think of your cutting board? If you’re like me you look for the intersection of price and quality. A cutting board that can absorb your knife blade, while leaving enough money in your pocket for dinner. If those two ideas intersect, you’re happy. At Muskoka Woodworking, cutting boards are more than just tools; they’re art pieces.

Muskoka Woodworking is a Canadian woodworking shop creating and selling elite handmade cutting boards, serving trays, and beer caddys. Premium quality lifts Muskoka Woodworking above the competition, allowing them to sell items throughout North America and earn a European market.

The Muskoka team knows Canada is home to the most beautiful and pursued wood in the world, and they have it on full display in their products. As a customer you have the power of complete customization. You can unleash your creativity to design the ultimate culinary weapon! Anything from a change in size to different styles of wood and engravings, are some of the customizations you can make.

To keep your Muskoka cutting board in top shape for a lifetime follow these 5 simple steps:

  1. Wash your board with soap and water after each use
  2. Make sure the board is completely dry before storing
  3. Apply Viridios Cutting Board Finish (Can be purchased from Muskoka Woodworking)
  4. Allow the finish to set in for a minimum of 6 hours
  5. Rub off all excess wax with a dry cloth

Below are some products from Muskoka Woodworking, for more information visit

Walnut With Maple Accent Cutting Boards — $94.99

Maple accent cutting boards

This board is cut from maple and walnut with an extreme focus on design and aesthetics. This board could be the set piece in any kitchen. All boards are 100% food safe and produced from ethically sourced Canadian lumber, and of course, fully customizable.

Did I mention that each board comes with rubber feet? These are essential to keep moisture away from the backside of the board, and provide extra stability on smooth countertops.

Butchers Block Series — Mixed Woods — $139.99

Image for post

This board offers the ultimate mix of woods meeting the high standards of veteran butchers. The “end grain” style of this board offers several benefits, including a lifespan of over 25 years. The board is also self healing because of its vertical fibres, so when you cut, you cannot sever any of them.

Purple Heart Oak Cutting Boards — $49.99

Purple heart oak cutting boards

One of the more flashy cutting boards offered by Muskoka, this item is handcrafted using Oak, Maple, and Purpleheart wood, making a bold statement in any kitchen.

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