Handmade Textiles To Add Colour and Laughs To Your House

Nadia Irish and her team harness their sense of humour and entrepreneurship to make 100% Canadian funny products, featuring modern slang such as "Boomer" & "Bye Felicia."

Staying at home all day is the new norm. Therefore, making your home a place that you want to stay is essential. Too many hours in a house makes a home seem boring with not enough surprises and fun. That is why small baskets, catch-alls, and handmade textiles become important.

Luuee and their bucket full of fuck it

The founder of Luuee, Nadia Irish, and her team use incredible sense of humor and entrepreneurship to make these 100% Canadian handmade textiles. From modern slang such as “Boomer” and “bye felicia” to simple “fuck it”s, the collection will sure leave you with a smile. The best is the original lines such as “boba bitch” and “hojicha ho” for their bubble tea straw pouches. There are many more iconic lines that I can’t go over them all. The Luuee blog titled “Sadshower.com” also literally makes me laugh out loud.

Luuee handmade textiles in New York

Don’t let the colorful fabric and jokes fool you because these products are made on an amazing basis of minimizing waste. Irish has been cultivating a plethora of fabrics over the past decade and she tries to use it with minimal waste. With that being said, go to https://luuee.com/ for a good product and an honest laugh.

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