Blood Circulation Cushions Promote Health Benefits

Kerri-Lee Benson began her entrepreneurial journey at a garage sale, discovering a mechanism to improve blood circulation.

Boomers and Zoomers gather around. Tired of living in discomfort? Are you ready to receive therapeutic benefits from blood circulation cushions? ComfeeLiving is here for you and your blood. Keri-Lee Benson, owner of ComfeeLiving, is a self-taught designer and artisan. A passionate environmentalist, colour and texture drive Keri-Lee. She designs and sells beautiful multi-functional items. Kerri-Lee often cooks up ways to improve the value and function of products.

Elegant black pleather to increase blood circulation
The elegant black pleather ComfeeCushion

In 2009, she found a device at a garage sale she now uses in her own blood circulation cushions. Kerri-Lee found a pair of stationary slippers with plastic knobs and vibration capabilities. The vibration mechanism ran on batteries, and the slippers were functional, but ugly. Kerri-Lee would not stand for this. To improve the concept, she designed a pillow with housing for a vibration mechanism, which she could cover with elegant fabrics. She made her own design using fabric from a leftover project. She showed her creation to friends and family who all wanted one.

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Kerri-Lee Benson, owner of ComfeeLiving.

After months of sourcing and organizing, Kerri-Lee developed a production plan, and it started with craft shows. ComfeeCushions now sell at craft shows, online, and around the world. Vibration from ComfeeCushions increases blood flow and oxygen to muscles, helping your body release tension and stress, relieving pain. If your muscles are sore, tired, or overused, or you have poor circulation to your feet due to diabetes, ComfeeCushions can help. Offered in a gentle soft to the touch microsuede, a durable easy to clean pleather, or a decadent velvet, ComfeeCushion can fit anyones style. To learn more about ComfeeCushion or purchase one, visit

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