A Kindness Calendar To Keep You Kind All Year Long

Clear off the rest of your 2020 calendar and make room for kindness. This Toronto company focuses on spreading kindness throughout the year, especially during the holiday season.

Time is important. It’s a priceless resource we cannot purchase. We love tracking time. Clocks, watches, sundials, and calendars monitor where our time is going and how we spend it. At work, at home, with our friends and family, alone, exercising, reading, catching up on TV, and practicing our passions. These activities fill our precious time. But how much time do we dedicate to being kind? A kindness calendar can help us keep track.

Maran’s Childhood

Growing up, Maran Stern-Kubista, founder of My Kindness Calendar, loved holidays. From baking birthday cakes to choosing a Christmas tree in the cold, these events filled her childhood. Maran noticed a gap in tradition when her daughter turned three. There were no preparations for the holidays. Music, crafting, gift-giving, and charitable donations vanished. As a child, Maran remembered her family donating, and wanted her daughter to have charity as part of her childhood.

New Kindness Calendar Traditions

That year Maran started a new family tradition, the “Kindness Calendar.” With construction paper and painter’s tape, Maran and her daughter mounted a paper tree to a wall and surrounded it with kind ideas and pictures. They looked forward to developing kind ideas together. Maran shared her new tradition with the world.

Kindness decals for each day leading to Christmas.
Kindness decals for each day leading to Christmas.

My Kindness Advent Calendars let families focus on giving during the busy holiday season. They work like a traditional Advent calendar, helping kids countdown the days to Christmas. Each day is an opportunity for a new act of kindness through reusable Kindness Decals, included with the calendar.

Kindness Calendars are crafted with important values and built to a high standard. Decals are durable and reusable, leaving no residue behind. They are universal teaching tools, promoting social and emotional learning through child-led activities. Each experience is different because all decals are customizable. In the spirit of giving back, 5% of all profits are donated annually. So with Easter right around the corner now is the perfect time to start dedicating some of your time to kindness. For more information, visit https://mykindnesscalendar.com/

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