Jar Of Gold! – Spice Up Summer With Organic Gold Mustard

Organic Gold Mustard offers ten unique flavours the big box brand wouldn't dare offer! Spice up barbecue season now!

Written By – Joseph Scaglione

The perfect partner for a Frankfurter is a streak of delicious mustard, but some is simply better than others. There’s French’s yellow mustard, and if you’re feeling fancy there is even Dijon. There is nothing quite like Organic Gold Mustard made from 100% Organic Domestic Fair Trade Mustard Seed.

Natalie Kessler is the owner of Organic Gold. Her goal is to deliver the best tasting, highest quality mustard with unique flavours. Natalie uses seeds provided by Certified Organic Fair Trade family farms. Organic Gold raises the bar for what Canadian mustard can be.

Organic gold mustard in various flavours

Mustard can be a boring condiment. When asked “What does mustard taste like?” Most will say, it tastes like mustard. Organic Gold mustard comes in ten different flavours: Lime and honey, garlic, smoked maple horseradish mustard, dill, whole grain, orange and ginger, whiskey mustard, herbs de Provence, and yellow seeded classic mustard.

Mustard seeds are high in selenium and magnesium, which offer anti-inflammatory properties. They pack B-complex vitamins like niacin, thiamine, and riboflavin. It’s also a great alternative, or partner, for mayo and ketchup, also being low in calories.

For more information about Organic Gold, visit https://www.organicgold.ca/

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