The Cupcake Florist Blooms!

The Cupcake Florist in Toronto has stepped up and changed the cupcake game with their delicious lineup

Slowly, as storefronts and businesses start to open up again, many are looking to update their dessert games. Whether it be birthday parties or barbeques, these cupcakes from The Cupcake Florist are great for you.

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Cupcakes are one of those foods that anyone in the family, from the baby to the grandparents, love. To make cupcakes of cake not boring, Cupcake Florist in Toronto has stepped up and changed the game for cupcakes.

Beautifully decorated hand-crafted cupcake treats

First, as the name, Cupcake Florist suggests, they make amazing floral designs. The photo below shows smooth, aesthetically pleasing pastel colours detailing intricate petal designs. These are true works of art. My mother happens to have some experience in cake decorating as a hobby. I know how hard and how much skill is needed to make flawless cake and cupcake decorations. It’s hard to correct icing once it’s on top of the cake. Bakers also need great skill to put together a colour palette. Visit the Cupcake Florist’s instagram page to see their creations as well as how they make their infamous flowers.

A Black panther cupcake

The Cupcake Florist’s products are all made to order and original. They have experience in making football party cupcakes, graduation cupcakes, and even black panther themed cupcakes. With Cupcake Florist you can make your own idea of a cupcake in real life, with the help of their high skill.

If you’re already drooling like me, DM to Order these absolute masterpiece cakes and cupcakes. Simply pick your flavor, quantity, design, and delivery date!

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