Toronto Macarons Are The Creme De La Creme

There's something special about Annet Gesualdi's macaron filling paired with beautiful bright eye-catching shades that turns her baking into an art-form.

My introduction to the macaron happened at Starbucks, when one of my co-workers brought homemade delicacies in for the team. Some of the most delicious desserts I ever sunk my teeth into, and easy on the eyes. Macarons are an art form; tasteful, bright, elegant, and colourful, requiring hours of practice before achieving something near perfection, that’s what makes Anet Gesualdi’s Toronto Macarons the creme de la creme.

With two locations, 709 The Queensway & 647 Dupont street, Anet offers French macarons, in signature flavours and seasonal delights. Generational baking secrets and premium ingredients carry the macarons to perfection.

There's no better way to say thank you than with Toronto macarons from Anet Gesualdi

Anet entered the macaron business, needing a break from her wealth management career to pursue her love of baking. She travelled to Paris, and her love for macrons blossomed. When she finished her travels, she decided to open AG Macrons with her husband Michael Gesualdi.

Each flavour of Toronto macarons offered by Anet Gesualdi

In addition to two boutiques, Anet & Michael supply more than 200 retailers from their certified baking facility where they produce small high quality batches. These Toronto macarons can be purchased individually, boxed, or in towers with 15 signature gluten-free flavours. To learn more and order some scrumptious goodies for yourself visit:

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