Dolce Rosa: Toronto’s Family Powered Beauty Garden

Toronto's Dolce Rosa supplies quality and affordable services to the GTA with their unique lineup of products that give back to their community.

Written By – Erica Matsui

I guess beauty runs in this family because the founders of Dolce Rosa: Limitless Beauty are sisters! The native to Toronto supply quality and affordable services to the GTA and their products worldwide. They tribute their name Dolce Rosa to their mother, Rosaline and their Nigerian heritage. They believe in creating beauty from the inside out and spread the positivity and outlook on life to others. This company shows their tremendous thought and dedication to themselves, their family, and their community.

We know they’re great sisters with great philosophy, but what specific products and services do they offer?

Dolce Rosa is a family affair dedicated to limitless beauty

Dolce Rosa Product Lineup

Dolce Rosa: Limitless Beauty offers a wide variety of wigs and extensions as well as services that complement the products. The wigs and extensions use virgin Indian hair, which has not been harmed by chemicals This means that the hair is of very high quality, durable, and from a single donor. A bulk of the hair comes from India, Cambodia, and Vietnam; and is skillfully cut in a way that the hair cuticles are not damaged.

As long as you take the proper measures to keep the hair healthy, the hair will be of amazing quality. In conjunction with these products, Doce Rosa offers great Youtube video tutorials and services as well. They help with attachments of wigs and extensions, which is amazing that you get to use their expertise. They offer braiding, sew-ins, and extension tape-ins. These are amazing because they are extremely hard to do yourself. With the sisters’ expertise, you can have your wig the exact way you want it.

Other services include eyelash extensions, which are single hair extensions that are attached to your natural eyelashes. You can adjust that volume and the amount of hairs that you want to add between the sizes of light, regular, volume, and mega. Another service that definitely should be taken advantage of is their makeup application. Again, there are 4 different full face styles that will suit you.

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