Knock Your Socks Off In The Boardroom!

Toronto based Knock Your Socks Off offers a colourful socks leaving an impression everywhere they go.

Socks are definitive features of men’s wardrobe, offering as much style and personality as a tie. One of the first clients I worked with, back in university, was FloorPlay Socks. My team and I developed a public relations campaign that would feature the company on local radio stations and get their snazzy items into the hands of their target audience: businessmen. Flash-forward a few years and there are many competitors in the snazzy sock space, one of them being Toronto-based Knock Your Socks Off or KYSO, who offers colourful items to help you stand out at your next board meeting.

Founded in 2016, the goal of KYSO is to create socks that make an impression, and I think they’ve reached that goal several times. KYSO believes socks are more than accessories; they play an important role in any outfit.

The loud styles may knock your socks off. Luckily KYSO has you covered

Who Wears The Socks At Knock Your Socks Off?

Owner Marisa Walcott makes her socks from two materials: bamboo and cotton. The bamboo variety are hypoallergenic and soften the more you wash them (that’ll encourage you to do your laundry!) Bamboo offers warmth in the winter and cool in the summer. This is a luxury most sock brands fail to offer. Marisa started her sock journey as an associate buyer at Sears, purchasing women’s socks, which built her vendor contacts and understanding of pricing.

Marisa, owner of Knock Your Socks Off

What separates KYSO from the competition is the bold and unique colours created by Marisa. Every sock is vibrant, guaranteed to leave an impression in every board room and on every sidewalk. The next goal for KYSO is to get out of the boardroom and into the playground with a kid’s line. Marisa sells her products online and frequently attends events across the GTA.

Marissa wants her socks to become your favourite piece of clothing! Something you are proud to show off. A piece of clothing that will boost your confidence. For more information and to purchase a pair from KYSO, visit:

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