The Wooden Bowtie From Bo by Mansouri

BO by Mansouri offers bold wooden fashion statements for the 9-5 grind and special occasions and events.

Tie or Bowtie? In today’s fashion climate the choice is often no tie. Business casual translates to matching suit jackets and dress pants paired with a collared shirt, and no tie. An effortless 9–5 look. For something more formal, maybe an evening dinner party at an upscale hall, men’s fashion offers a similar trend. Dark coloured suits, collared shirts, and most likely a tie. However, if you’re feeling bold, if you’re in the mood to make a statement with your fashion, to show a sliver of your personality to event attendees, then a bowtie is the choice for you. Not just any bowtie, a wooden bowtie from BO by Mansouri.

Man wearing a wooden bowtie

Wooden bowties offer a distinct expression of personal style. Mehran Mansouri and his son Sam founded the company in 2013. BO by Mansouri offers a collection of handcrafted wooden bowties for the fashion forward. Both men have an inner passion for innovative design and sustainability. The wooden bowtie is a modern interpretation of the dated fabric bowtie. Each BO  features reclaimed and freed raw materials handcrafted in Vancouver. Think of BO as wood recycling; reusing materials and turning them into new fashion pieces.

Wooden bowtie with green centre

The tie itself is built from soft leather offcuts mended into uniform strips wrapped in artisanal paper twine from Austria. It’s dyed into ten different shades, adding colour to the centre of the tie. Even though the materials of the tie are unique, the shape remains classic, and comfortable, weighing only 25 grams.

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