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Natalie dreamed of starting a brand promoting humbleness and kindness. This dream became a reality when she started Humble Bee Candles in Toronto,

Natalie’s journey started in 2017. She dreamed of starting a brand promoting humbleness and kindness. She developed her candle making skills attending workshops in Los Angeles and Bangkok. Her passion for candle crafting and desire to infuse the values of humbleness and kindness into her work drove Natalie to start Humble Bee Candles. Her feature product, the Reminder Gold Tin series, spreads kindness, humbleness and words of encouragement to customers. Natalie believes everyone can make a difference, one step, or in this case, on candle, at a time.

The Story of Bee Humble Candles

The Bee Humble Gold Tin Candle reminds users to be kind, work hard, stay humble, smile often, be honest, travel, keep learning, and love. Infused with American fresh laundry fragrance oil offering therapeutic and uplifting benefits. Bee Humble’s wax uses natural soy and coconut wax. It is paraffin, petroleum, and palm wax free. Wicks contain no lead, instead they use natural wood fibres free from animal testing. These 6oz candles are hand-poured in Toronto, Canada offering a 20–25 hour burn time.

Humble bee fresh laundry candles

Outside of candle making Natalie teaches self-care; spreading warmth and educating others on the importance of living healthy. Curious about the name “Humble Bee”? It came from a summer conversation in 2012 between Natalie and her husband and Natalie’s favourite bible verse “To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”

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In addition to the Gold Tin candles, Humble Bee offers wood planter candles in a variety of scents, with my personal favourite being Canadian Maple, offering a comfortable warm aroma with notes of maple sugar and butter. Perfect for a fall night. For more information about Humble Bee and to view their entire product line, which includes gift boxes for special occasions, visit

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