Hand Blown Glass Art From Canadian Courtney Downman

Meet Courtney Downman who works in the fragile glass art world. She creates cutting edge dessert displays, beakers, chalices, and more

Glass is everywhere. Glass’ 5000 year history plays a crucial part in our lives. The Babylonians developed hand blown glass techniques in 1AD. Courtney Downman’s journey began more recently in 2012. She enrolled in Sheridan’s Craft and Design program. Courtney graduated and received a teaching assistant in Sheridan’s glass program. In 2016, Courtney received a two year artist in residence fellowship at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga Ontario. She is currently finishing her Bachelor in Craft and Design at Sheridan. Courtney has featured her work at exhibitions since 2014, most notably the One of a Kind Show.

Some of Courtney’s most stunning pieces come from her saw carved collection. Many of these pieces resemble ice sculptures or frozen globes. Translucent, colourful, and frosty, all the saw carved pieces can complement any room. The images above, melting globes as I like to call them, come in various colours and make a perfect mantlepiece.

Melting hand blown glass glacier

Hand-soap is all the rage lately and Courtney offers a variety of colourful reusable hand blown glass soap dispensers. These are perfect for display and cutting down on plastic waste.

Melting hand blown glass chandelier

Dessert displays, beakers, glasses, chalices, and vases, are some products Courtney offers. My personal favourite is the mortar and pestle. For more information and a better look at the product selection visit Courtney’s site https://www.courtneydownman.com/

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