Toronto Kimono Kraft With Japanese Artist Yuki Tokita

Creator Yuki Tokita from Japan has a background in the Japanese art of Sado, or tea rituals, which she carries into he daily business ventures at Tokita-kobo.

All the products use distinct and unique Japanese textile with beautiful designs. These designs are traditional and have their roots in ancient Japanese history. This fabric is built for traditional clothing such as Kimono and other small products. Now all this Japanese history has arrived in the Toronto kimono from Yuki Tokita.

Fabric used in kimono craft

New items all the time! This store never stops updating. Within the past month they have released two new items: masks and bolo ties. Tokita Kobo, which translates to the Tokita craft factory, is truly a progressive factory that meshes the old fabric with new designs and ways to use the Toronto kimono fabric.

Some jewellery to go along with your kimono

These products have an amazing backstory. The creator, Yuki Tokita is from Japan and has a background in the traditional Japanese art of Sado, or tea rituals. She naturally learned these skills as her grandmother was a tea ceremony master. During these practices, her grandmother uses many different colours and patterns of kimonos. However, Yuki’s grandmother’s words that pushed and inspired Yuki to make Tokita Kobo.

“Skills are very precious for us to survive in our life. Learn any skills to share with people”

After she came to Canada, she saw the lack of Japanese designs, which inspired her to make products in Canada in order to spread the Japanese culture. With her grandmother’s words, Yuki realized the importance of making modern items with a flavour of her own culture.

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