Morse Code Jewelry Making A Canadian Comeback

The morse code alphabet has never looked better. Calgary's Alene Shannon is building meaningful jewellery collections with sentimental and personal morse code messages.

For the youngsters out there, Morse Code is a method in telecommunication to transform text into sequences of signals called dots & dashes or dits & dahs. Samuel Morse, creator of the telegraph, the first point to point text messaging system, invented Morse code. Think of it as a historic set of emojis! Through the rise of E-mail and SMS, Morse Code went the way of the Dodo. However, Morse code jewelry is making a comeback in Canada.

In Calgary, Steel Daisy, a handcrafted jewelry company offers Morse code necklaces, featuring fiery words of wisdom. Designer and owner Alene Shannon strives to build current and meaningful jewellery collections to display her passion. The Morse code necklaces are sentimental and hold a naughty or meaningful message for the wearer alone.

With Mother’s Day around the corner and most stores remaining closed due to Covid-19, now is the perfect time to buy Mom a necklace holding a special Morse message. Below are some perfect options to make Mom’s day truly special. To see Steel Daisy’s full product line visit

MAMA BEAR – Morse Code Jewelry, Necklace

A morse code token of appreciation for the Mama bear who watched over you as a cub.
A token of appreciation for the Mama bear who watched over you as a cub.

The family is a herd, and no one is more important to the heard than Mama Bear, the fierce protector. Show Mom some Morse love with a Mama Bear necklace this Mother’s Day. All necklaces are hypoallergenic and ship with a complimentary storage pouch.


Need they say more in morse?
Need they say more?

Now your mom probably knows how much you love her, but when it’s written in Morse, love is solidified. And if you live apart from your Mom, and haven’t seen her during this crisis, why not send her a Loved necklace with a personal note attached at no extra cost.


For Morse Code Mom’s who are rebels with a cause
For Mom’s who are rebels with a cause

Maybe Mom is a rebel at heart. She knows what she wants and she’s determined to get it. She lives life on her own terms and she passed her way of life down to you. Why not show your appreciation with a “bad ass” Morse necklace. And the necklace really is bad ass, like all of Steel Daisy’s necklaces, made from gold, brass, and a 16 karat gold plated chain over brass.


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Because the best words for Mom, are your own.

Why not appreciate Mom in your own words. Steel Daisy offers custom Morse necklaces, the perfect gift for mom.

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