SCY By Julius: Clothes For A Cause

Julius Armand designs clothing suitable for different people, and hopes to create a personal relationship with his customers.

Written By – Erica Matsui

Local-made clothes that have a purpose are better than your average big-name brands.

SCY by Julius is exactly that.

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Julius Armand, the designer and founder of SCY by Julius, designs his clothing with the hope that many different types of people will try his clothes. This is also the reason why Armand is currently looking for models to showcase his line of clothing. The idea is that anyone in the public can be a model. By giving the customer the opportunity to be a model with the items that they bought, the modeling platform creates an outlet for creativity and self-confidence. It gives a sense that there is your own way of rocking a style and that’s admirable for a large audience. Armand explains that this creates a new interpersonal relationship with him and the customer as well as the customer with the clothing.

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SCY by Julius is the future of clothing as it is earth-friendly. Many of the clothing’s pieces are upcycled or thrifted, which saves enormous amounts of textile that takes up a lot of energy to make and throw away. Many learn this phrase as ways to help the earth in their early childhood: Reduce, reuse, recycle. Armand is doing just that by giving these textile pieces and second life by being incorporated into his clothing line.

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SCY by Julius has already caught attention from Fashion Magazine. The intention behind his line captures your heart, but the clothes will sure be eye-catching. The SCY line is so original and unique because it only has a limited number of pieces. Don’t miss a release and follow @scycreate on Instagram or follow this link ( His pieces have a nostalgic retro groove to it that absolutely cannot be replicated in any other big name brand. The versatile yet individualistic pieces match the urban Toronto scene and any other climate. Go check them out yourself!

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