Not Only One Way To Miso

Chili miso, spicy chili miso, and curry miso, Three Toronto based all natural condiments with no-MSG added.

Written By – Erica Matsui

Abokichi in Toronto shows how there’s so many ways to miso.

Miso isn’t just a condiment for miso soup. Furthermore, Abokichi makes unique types of misos.

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Chili miso, spicy chili miso, and curry miso.

These three okazu series have changed the game because it changed miso from being a base paste to a multi-use condiment. It can be a dip for vegetables or mix for some sauce, bringing a whole new dimension of miso with these other flavors.

Now if we peek into the ingredients list there are more pleasant surprises waiting for us. These products are all made in Toronto, all-natural, and no MSG. These are all catch phrases that big companies can use too, but the greatness is in the details. If you look at the ingredients used, there are 0, I repeat absolutely 0, chemicals. You can tell because all the ingredients are ones that you can easily read and already know: such as sunflower oil, sesame oil, miso, soy sauce, cane sugar, and more.

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On top of that clumsy chefs in the kitchen like myself have a plethora of recipes to follow on the Abokichi page linked at the bottom. These range from traditional Japanese Saikyoyaki to arrangements of corn and omelettes. These easy recipes show how miso can actually be incorporated into western food and everyday dishes.

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