Give Your Stamp Of Approval With Customized Stamps!

Monika Giacca, owner and designer at Owl Paper Goods, honed her skills in rubber stamp design and portraiture and now produces custom stamps for everyone (including pets!)

Written By – Joseph Scaglione

There are some products that come around where I question writing an article on them, because they are so cool, they speak for themselves. Custom Stamps from Owl Paper Goods are one of those products.

Monika Giacca is the owner and designer at Owl Paper Goods. She is a Toronto based artist passionate about exciting products. She holds an arts degree from Ryerson university, and over the past four years she’s honed her skills in rubber stamp design and portraiture.

What is Portraiture?

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Don’t leave your pets out of the action, make a stamp for them too!

There is a difference between a portrait and portraiture. A portrait is a painting or picture of a person, usually focused on the head and shoulders, while a portraiture is a likeness or painted resemblance copied from a model.

Monika marked her start in the stamp business creating a “couples” stamp for her friend Kelly and husband Evan as a wedding gift. She loved the process and wondered if other couples would be interested in custom stamps. Sure enough, plenty of couples were! Owl Paper Goods grew and now offers a wide variety of stamps and digital illustrations, all entirely customizable. Each stamp is hand-drawn and hand-carved with no machines used in the process.

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If you’re too shy to have a stamp made of your visage, have a mixtape stamp made with your name on it!

The customizations are endless at Owl Paper Goods. For more information and to view their entire product lineup visit

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