Sake & Chocolate: The Perfect Pairing

Alice Ngan, founder of Ecila Sake Chocolates, knows the golden ratio of sake to chocolate to create a decadent dessert.

Written By – Erica Matsui

The three ingredients are exactly what Ecila Sake Chocolate uses to make their distinct flavour.

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First, the quality of the ingredients are top grade, explaining the impeccable aroma and unique texture of the chocolates. These bite-size treats are made in Canada and the ingredients are bought locally when possible. This explains the richness in the ingredients because it didn’t have to be packed with unnecessary chemicals or go through extreme temperatures.

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Second, the people behind the product are as much if not more amazing than the ingredients. The founder of Ecila Sake Chocolates, Alice Ngan, pours her heart and soul into the creation of the chocolates. Using her level 3 WSET sake certification, she forms the golden ratio of sake to chocolate. The creativity and knowledge goes into the different core pieces of smooth ganache, spongey sake-kasu, and jiggly sake jello as well. All of these components come together with Alice’s expertise and immense passion for the craft of sake chocolates.

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These decadent chocolates have some proven health benefits.

Yes, you heard right. The sake-kasu chocolates satisfy both a sweet tooth and a need for a little buzz. Moreover, the mix of protein, carbohydrates, and other nutrients packed in sake-kasu are proven to increase blood circulation, compensate for many of the amino acids our body doesn’t have, and creates acids (“Protein-Nutritive Assessment of Sake Lees Obtained by Brewing from Liquefied Rice”, Journal Nutritional Science and Vitaminology Volume 44 (1988) Issue 1 Pages 177–186. This means a reduction in blood clots, a boost in the immune system, and moisturized skin when consumed moderately (“Beneficial Effects of Sake and Its By-Products”, Journal of the Brewing Society of Japan Volume 110 (2015) Issue 4 Pages 198–206.

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