This Laser-Cut Art Will Capture Your Heart

Meet Ali, an entrepreneur with no formal training in art yet she excels at intricate paper cutting. So much so that she started her own company, Light & Paper.

Written By – Joseph Scaglione

Christmas time cultivates creative minds to develop better Christmas gifts with a personal touch missing from store-bought gifts. On a fateful December day, Ali, owner of Light & Paper, decided to test a new craft. Looking at Ali’s intricate work, you would think she holds an Art’s degree, however she has no formal training in art. Her background is community development and adult education.

Using a borrowed box cutter and kitchen cutting board, Ali made her first paper cutting. Impressed with her creation, Ali invested in a sharper blade and a cutting mat, giving birth to her business. This is the essence of Light & Paper; all designs were hand-cut originals in the beginning. With overwhelming demand, Ali switched to laser-cutting. The process is still the same. Ali cuts her paper by hand creating the design template. These intricate hand-cuts are then transformed into laser-cut products. Ali’s products can be purchased online or in-store. Have a look and be inspired by some of Ali’s work below:

Anatomy Collection — Price Varies

After seeing these anatomical laser-cut creations, you’d think Ali holds degrees in biology and art. The intricacy of each design is inspiring, especially the heart, which could be the perfect valentine’s gift.

Snowflake Ornaments — Price Varies

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No two snowflakes are the same, and that holds true for Ali’s laser-cut ornamental snowflakes, perfect for spreading Christmas cheer.

Stand-up Toronto — $44

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Ali crafted an entire Toronto cityscape by hand. The piece features 8 iconic Toronto landmarks and would serve well on a fireplace mantle. The item comes in a flat frame, with each of the eight pop-out pieces attached to the outside frame.

Bamboo Coasters — $44

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Nothing spruces up your coffee table quite like four laser-cut bamboo coasters, each with their own unique design.

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