Pickles That Will Unite Lovers and Haters

Written By – Joseph Scaglione

Pickles are divisive; you either love or hate them. Some people ask for extra on their burgers, other’s ask for none and return the burger if they taste even one ounce of pickle juice. Here’s a story that unites pickle lovers and haters.

Edna loved making pickles of various flavours with new blends and techniques. She fell in love with her home-made Indian pickles, which she promoted at community events. She set her sights on a bigger stage. In 2004, she showcased her pickles at the One of a Kind Spring Show in Toronto and the response surprised her. Edna continued to exhibit her delicious pickles at Arts & Crafts Shows in Ontario.

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Edna is very much a scientist in the kitchen, constantly experimenting to find new flavours and recipes, which she shares in her own published recipe books. “Savour the flavour of India” is a collection of Non-veg & Veg tried and tested Goan and other Indian recipes. It complements Edna’s other book, “Savour the Vegetarian Flavour of India,” which features vegetarian dishes only.

Over 16 years Edna continued to attract and satisfy new clientele. Her goal is to create the most addictive pickles, to keep pickle lovers coming back for more, and persuade even the harshest pickle critics.

Edna offers more than pickles. Below is Edna’s product line, if you’re interested, visit Edna’s site for more information: https://ednaspickles.com/ All jars of Edna’s Pickles are on sale now!

Hot Eggplant — $11

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This is Edna’s most popular and highest selling product. For the eggplant haters out there, this will change your mind. Made into a relish, the hot eggplant can be served with rice, boiled eggs, noodles, in wraps, or any other meal you see fit. For those who like spice, buy the Extra Hot eggplant relish.

Mango & Gherkin Mix — $11

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Another best seller, this has a sweet kick that sneaks up and leaves an impression long after the first bite. Best served with rice or bread, but it can also be used as a dip or eaten on a cold turkey club sandwich.

Crunch Gherkins — $11

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If you like pickle’s crunchy cousin then gherkins are for you. Crunchy and chunky, with a distinctive taste, it’s very popular with gherkin lovers.

Sweet & Spicy Grape Chutney — $11

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A product that arrived this year, this sweet and tangy Indian fruit chutney offers a medley of red, green, & black grapes paired with lemon zest, ginger, five spice and other ingredients. Have it for breakfast on toast layered with cream cheese or spread evenly on a slice of ham.

Cabbage Delight — $11

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Last, but not least, is this delightful blend of cabbage bathed in roasted spices for authentic taste. Much like a coleslaw mix, it’s perfect for bbq or pizza.

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