Defend Yourself From Nature’s Elements

Defend yourself from natures cold elements this winter with toebags; yes protective socks for your toes from Edne Apparel.

Written By – Joseph Scaglione

Stop me if you’ve had this problem. You’re out to lunch downtown. Your co-workers decide to skip Uber and walk to your favourite sushi spot. You zip your jacket to stop the minus twenty winds from giving you a bout of frostbite, but your zipper doesn’t rise high enough to cover your neck, leaving it exposed.

On November 22, 2017, Greg, Founder and Designer at Edne Apparel released the Zip Collar at Toronto’s One of a Kind Show. Greg brings his original and thoughtful designs to life, a magical process. Greg believes that designs shouldn’t just be attractive or built-to-last, they should address issues and serve purpose. In fact, Edne stands for “Engineered and Designed for Nature’s Elements.”

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The Zip Collar was designed for film-sets. Greg is a seventeen year film-set veteran working as an Assistant Director. Greg knows that even though most movies are make-belief, the temperature on set is a cold reality. To combat the low temperatures, Greg wanted to create a scarf with ultimate temperature control. A scarf with minimal bulk, adjustability, and style. Easy to put on, take off, and store. And so, the Edne Zip Collar was born, built with Gore-tex or wool.

If you’re concerned about keeping your feet warm, Edne’s Toebags are for you. Constucted with durable Polartec thermal-pro hardface fleece, which is wind and water repellent, these Toebags will keep your feet protected as you march through January snow.

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Edne’s zip collar offers adjustable warmth and comfort

So if you’re planning on filming a movie in the arctic or simply going out for a night on the town, consider visiting to defend your neck and feet.

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