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Aparna, born and raised in New Delhi, spent her formative years learning patterns, colours, and storytelling. This lead her on a journey to find her unique company, Green Bean Studio, working with her whole family!

Written By – Joseph Scaglione

Occasions are important. They break up the monotony of every day life. They’re an opportunity to show a special someone you’ve been thinking of them, and you remembered this is their big day. Whether it be a wedding, birthday, anniversary, or graduation, the day is special, and you want to make it memorable with an elegant card. Green Bean Studio has you covered!

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Brighten up someone’s Christmas with a puny Alpaca Card, $5

Founded in 2013, Green Bean Studio is home to all things cute and colourful. Bright and cheerful illustrations will make that special someone smile. The Green in Green Bean, isn’t just for colour, the studio is environmentally conscious, sourcing new ways to reduce its carbon footprint, for example, all products are printed on recycled paper.

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The ideal wedding card for Newlyweds, $5

Owner Aparna, born and raised in New Delhi, spent her formative years in Botswana, which influenced her patterns, colours, and stories. With a background in animation she works freelance on multiple illustration projects and enjoys making spontaneous illustrations for friends and family. When one of Aparna’s close friends suggested she illustrate professionally, and Green Bean Studio was born. Green Bean is a family affair, with Aparna’s younger sister, husband, parents, and loving dog comprising her team.

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Be frank with that special someone, $5

Green Bean values making people smile and Aparna is proud of each item she makes. For more information about Green Bean Studio and to see more of their products visit:

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