Kids Swag

Nia Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box – Dressing Table ($35)

Kids Swag is not about products, it is a movement to make representation a social norm. Owner Kim West gained inspiration from her girls and wanted to build a world that made them feel like equal members of society while celebrating their heritage and culture. Kim is dedicated to ensuring her kids see positive images of children who look just like them.

Steps are being taken to ensure universal diversity, and Kim is contributing by making it easy for parents to build environments that reflect their child’s beauty. This holds great importance to Kim. She believes a confident child blossoms into a confident adult.

The sad truth is products that offer this level of confidence are difficult to find, that’s why Kim’s marketplace exists, to make it convenient for parents to find confidence boosting products without travelling to every Internet site. Her internet marketplace gathers together entrepreneurs who are driven, like her, to bring equality and confidence to kids.

One of the items is the Nia Ballerina musical box, which is the perfect keepsake gift a little girl can treasure forever. 

Violet Aster Boutique

Alyssa is the founder of Violet Aster Boutique, She got her name from her kids’ birth month (violet = February birth flower and aster = September birth flower). Her main focus is baby/toddler/children’s consignment s well as maternity and nursing wear.

She runs her business out of her home and also works closely with a few other local markers(head bows, pacifier clips, milestone discs/closet organizers). She also offers Cadenshae maternity and nursing wear!

If you have any questions feel free to send her a message. She would love to hear from you!

Baby BoBeads

#coffeerun Necklace ($20)

BoBeads are handmade silicone teething pieces, which are safe and satisfying for bite-happy babies, yet fashionable enough for caregivers to wear. Every piece is produced from solid grade, BPA-free silicone beads looped on a quick-drying silk cord featuring a break-away clasp. BoBeads are durable and will quickly become your favourite piece of wardrobe. While most teething options are baby-centric items you would not dare to wear, BoBeads makes teething fashionable for parents.

The #CoffeeRun necklace is a full-length body beaded necklace, perfect for showing love to your teething baby while mommy grabs a cup of coffee.

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