2020 TENATCHMAS – Food

Holiday Bundle – Appreciation Gift Bags + 1 Free Gift Bag ($107)

Product Description

Carolina’s crafts unrivalled handmade artisan brownies and gourmet Dulce de Leche. Carolina’s focus is her Brazilian food loving family, from whom she inherited her Masterchef traits. Her great grandmother was a pastry chef and cake decorator specializing in banana nut cake. Her grandfather and father, brilliant bakers, introduced Carolina to loaf bread and frozen bread. She learned an important lesson from each family member, whether it be perfecting flavours, producing large quantities of product without sacrificing quality or authenticity, and the value of family and community.

Only the finest ingredients are used in Carolina’s brownies, including premium Belgian chocolate, which puts them above the competition. Add the premium chocolate to Madagascar bourbon vanilla, produced from premium hand-selected beans in Madagascar and you have your chocolate fix for the month of December.

Classic Juice Co

Cold Pressed Juice

Product Description

A Toronto local business, Classic Juice Co., drastically changes the game. This juice is not just a beverage, but a lifestyle. Let’s talk about this “for everyone” mindset that Classic Juice co. has. They prioritize their community, which is a beautiful thing that many name-brand and international big companies fail to do. Classic Juice co. believes in making juice for everyone, whether it be the kid around the block or grandma and grandpa. They believe in face-to-face interaction, which is difficult now with COVID-19, but the idea is still very present and actually the bond we need within communities now. This welcoming ideology makes the products so much more special.

“Cold-Pressed” is not just a marketing word here; it means serious non-stop quality work and thought put into these juices. Cold-pressing enables the flavours to be in tact as well as the nutrients in the fruits to be in the juices. If we’re talking about the technology, cold-pressing allows the nutrients to live in the drinks for a maximum of 5–7 days. The juices are made daily to ensure freshness and to be of quality to be served to their important community.

Love Craft Smoothie ($6)

Product Description

Living Farmacy offers a healthy and fast alternative to daily smoothies, packing more essential nutrients in an easy kid-friendly form. These almost instant fruit and vegetable smoothies are made from 100% whole non-GMO products sourced at their peak to offer the most nutrition without adding refined sugars or preservatives. A delicious smoothie is produced in under 60 seconds with only a fork! Pouches are kept in freezer. When it’s time for a treat, remove a pouch and crush the contents up with your hands. Pour them out of the pouch into a blender, or a cup if a blender is not available. Add 180ml of water, and automatically or manually blend. Voila! A delicious 100% vegan smoothie with no cleaning or slicing required.

The Love Craft smoothie is all you need to start the New Year off on the right track. You will fall in love with this green smoothie combination of kale, containing more vitamin C than oranges and more calcium than milk. The ingredients including pear juice, zucchini, spinach, and kale, also help to support your heart.

Rum & Raisin Ice Cream

Product Description

Neale’s Ice Cream started in Trinidad and Tobago in the 1940s. Charles A Neale quickly realized his talent in making ice cream offering unique and rich flavours from the island’s fruit. The business originally started with Charles selling ice cream from his bike around the streets of Southern Trinidad. Slowly but surely, his ice cream brand became mainstream due to its unforgettable taste. Charles became the main ice cream supplier for Southern Trinidad. Sadly, Charles A. Neale passed away in the 80s, however, his recipes live on. The Rum & Raisin ice cream is a favourite ice cream flavour among all Caribbean people and it’s perfect for a Christmas night around the fireplace!

Cinnamon & Cardamom Tea ($17)

Product Description

Kenyan tea is special! But why is it considered such a delicacy? The simple answer is the 6,000 foot elevation of the Kenyan Highlands. Tea leaves grown at this height produce lovely flavours in the cool air and rocky soil.

The Cinnamon & Cardamom loose leaf tea offers a traditional spice blend, with leaves sourced from a handful of prestigious gardens from regions in Kericho, Kenya. This is a blend that all loose tea drinkers can enjoy, especially in the fall, with a slice of apple or pumpkin pie. The perfect pairing!


Product Description

The elegant macaron. This delicious dessert is pretty enough to hang as an ornament on your Christmas tree. You may have eaten macarons in the past, you may have even basked in their beauty, but you have never seen or tasted macarons quite like these. Melt in your mouth, textured, layered, and perfectly balanced macarons from Blossoming Macarons are the best gift you can give to yourself or anyone else this Christmas. Featuring seasonal flavours gingerbread and chocolate peppermint in addition to staples such as vanilla, lemon, and chocolate salted caramel, a box of these macarons are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Jessica Chan, owner of Blossoming Macarons, is a self-taught baker, constantly improving and building on her natural talent. Although she offers more than macarons, she finds the satisfaction and macaron baking process particularly exciting. In addition to this, Jessica is dedicated to being part of change, hosting online bake sales with proceeds going towards charities within the GTA supporting and uplifting Black & Indigenous communities.

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