2020 TENATCHMAS – Fashion

House of Knot

Glacier Toque ($120) ($60)

Product Description

House of Knot is a Canadian knitwear brand built around the belief that construction matters, focusing on creating custom knitwear using traditional techniques. Originally launched as an accessories brand, House of Knot has grown into a full female women’s wear brand. Today, the highlight texturized abstract knits the company specializes in have become the foundation of the brand. 

We and Tenatch feel that this might be the warmest hat of the holiday season. If you love staying warm throughout the winter time, look no further than the beautifully textured glacier toque. Made from extra bulky 100% merino wool which is soft to the touch. The hat comes in five different colours, including a vibrant pink, and the accent colour helps to bulk up the hat even more!

M A S K Toronto

Wake Up Beanie ($25)

Product Description

M A S K is a Toronto based clothing company founded in 2015, focusing on men’s and women’s lifestyle street wear, specializing in high quality products paired with unique designs. MASK wants to capture the heart of Toronto and put it on display for the world. Their apparel reflects the needs and core values of the wearer while remembering the identities we present through our “masks.” There is nothing wrong with maintaining a persona, in fact, it’s almost essential, and MASK wants to help customers explore themselves through four essential elements: Music, Art, Sex, & Knowledge. If your persona grows, so does your identity.

Nothing screams Christmas quite like Mask’s”Wake Up Beanie” offered in a vibrant red cotton and cuffed finish. 

CBS Windbreaker Rust ($79.99)

Product Description

Comeback Season’s clothing is not just something you wear, it’s a lifestyle motivator and inspiration. The 2020 line consists of beanies, hats, sweatshirts, and crewnecks with a variety of colours and patterns. However, the total line consists of other items such as t-shirts, windbreakers, and camo patterns. The simple solid colour and logo of comeback season is the signature streetwear look. This is a start to an upcoming popular Toronto made brand.

It’s time to add some colour to your fall clothing. The bold, eye-catching red of the Comeback Season Rust Windbreaker toque will certainly spin some heads are you walk the streets of downtown Toronto. 

Marcu Onyx ($495)

Product Description

Blue, a Canadian outerwear company, is always pushing the boundaries of original stylish yet comfortable coats. They have coats that can complement one’s figures with organic lines as well as straight cuts that will give you a professional and refined look. Many of the coats come in neutral colors of black, smoke grey, or sand which is perfect because those colors will compliment any outfit.

Natasha Patten brought her wonderful skills and knowledge from working in the custom clothing business for a whopping 15 years to Blue. Through her expertise, she has created the signature, snug, and comfortable ‘Blue style’. She uses refined quality textile and is committed to making ‘functional and fashionable’ clothing in Toronto, Canada.

This coat is knee length and slim fit with a curved collar and single breast button closure. It will leave you warm throughout the Christmas season and all winter long. Sizes range S-XXL. 


Product Description

WARNING: You will never have to buy another belt again! Solid Leather provides belts for casual Sundays and business Mondays. Jesse Bateson is the craftsman and artist behind the belt. Jesse is determined to do things his way, and he has the discipline, style, and determination to do so. Jesse works with clients one on one, connecting and understanding their needs, while forming lasting relationships. He is driven to give his customers exactly what they want, consistently delivering a perfect look every time. He doesn’t view Solid Leather as a business, he considers it his passion, which he pursues under a set of principles. Endurance, integrity, style, and craftsmanship are values driving Jesse to guarantee his belts for life.

Keep it casual this winter and pick up a black belt with a gun-metal buckle from Solid Leather, which will be custom fit for pant sizes ranging from 28-46. The belt itself is made from full-grain North American steer hide, with eco-friendly dyes and finishes with minimal stretch hand-stitched nylon thread. This will be your last belt! 


Maple Leaf Tshirt ($32)

Product Description

Nick Chase comes from the world of glassblowing. If you look at Nick’s glass art, you’ll see designs very similar to the ones found on this t-shirt, on his glass art. These leaves are taken from one of Nick’s original photographs, and the process is fascinating. Nick takes macro photos of four different types of leaves, capturing minute details such as veins and delicate lines. The images are taken, digitally enhanced and edited to create  contrast in the transparencies, which are then printed onto silk screens. The designs are then printed by hand onto each t-shirt. 

All Blackhare tees are preshrunk and hand-printed in Toronto using eco-friendly inks. Blahare doesn’t only care about what’s on the t-shirt; they care about the t-shirt itself. Pre-shrunk, high-quality fabric, with an emphasis on fit, that won’t lose its shape in the wash. Pick up the Maple Leaf Tee in a wonderful red this Christmas. 

Queen Maria I Scarf ($108)

Product Description

Katharina Moir owns Bone & Busk Couture, in the heart of downtown Toronto. She is proud to feature her newest line of scarves entitled “Empire of Death.” Throughout this pandemic, and what has been a lackluster 2020, Katharina has taken time to meditate on humanity’s relationship and run ins with plagues, paying tribute to royal figures who succumbed to the “Black Death.” These scarves are a reminder that death is a great mediator. Yes, not exactly Holiday cheer, but a harsh reality. 

Women’s Holiday Crew Sweatshirt, Chili ($89.95)

Product Description

It’s easy to be happy during the Christmas season. So many festivities and holiday cheer in the air, it’s rather intoxicating. This holiday season is different. Not is much cheer, few festivities, and a lack of the one thing Christmas is about: connection. Connection with friends and family and those you hold dear. Happiness is something we all wish to have, but for some of us, if not the majority of us, it’s a struggle to achieve. At the age of 95, proving that it’s never too late to pursue anything, Gordon Carton found Happiness Inc. as a way to inspire and find happiness within. Gordon knew there is no such thing as a lifetime of happiness, but the more gratitude we have for what makes us smile, and the connections we share with those around us, the happier we become. It’s contagious. 

Gordon passed on, succeeded by new Chief Happiness Officer Andrea Armstrong who leads the Happiness Inc. team to produce high quality casual clothing. The Women’s Holiday Crew Sweatshirt reminds you to slow down and reconnect with the people we love this Holiday season, as difficult as that may be. Embrace the traditions of the holiday season and rekindle your holiday spirit. 

Maple Leaf T-Shirt ($30-35)

Product Description

Did you know the entrepreneurial spirit can strike at a young age? Like as young as eleven? That was the age of Leeloominai Tronleon. Leeloodles is a family affair, with mom manager Diana, and “Dadvertiser” Ryne, and Leeloominai’s two younger sisters, Deanerys & Kaneda. Leeloo started off making prints for friends and family when demand poured in from strangers who saw her pieces on the streets. Diana & Ryne opened an Instagram account for Leeloo and her drawings, and the business boomed. Leeloo earned a feature on CityTv’s Breakfast Television and Globals Morning show. 

This is a product for all the diehard Leaf fans out there, luckily it’s available in both adult and youth sizes. Go Leafs Go!

Manifest Magic Unisex ($37.97)

Product Description

PleaseNotes offers a product line up filled with positive affirmations to keep your spirits up. The Manifest Magic hoodies is a unisex offering which is both inspirational and cozy. It’s the perfect choice for a cold winter evening.

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