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Written By – Erica Matsui

Mondays are the first day of the work week. Also known as the most miserable morning of the entire week. Even just getting out of bed feels like a massive chore. After getting out of bed, you need to get ready for work, school, or activities throughout the day. When feeling groggy and needing more sleep, you don’t necessarily think about looking your best and starting your oh so exciting week. However, Monday Muse has created something to look forward to on Monday mornings.

Ash & Em founder of Monday Muse

Who Is Monday Muse?

Monday Muse is a clothing brand that cares about you and your family. The founders, who go by Ash and Em, know that if you’re happy, family and people around you will also be happy. With their innovative lifestyle brand, they have changed the concept of many people’s Monday mornings. Monday Muse encourages adventurous endeavours and pure bliss and enjoyment of life. That’s why Ash and Em also say “we love what we do and the people we meet doing it!”, embodying their own brand’s mission. They know that Mondays are hard, so they don’t want you to think too stiffly and take life too seriously. They even give an amazing recommendation to get a glass of wine while browsing through Monday Muse. All of their clothes have a mission of empowering and encouraging you through the tough times and the fun times.

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Each of these beautiful pieces of clothing are made in Ontario in small batches with love. So, that’s a lot considering what a big name offers. Big name brands don’t specifically have you in mind, and actually think about profits more than small brands like Monday Muse. They have a lot of kimono cardigan styles with beautiful floral patterns, colors, and designs. Better yet, many of these styles are also available in the Mini Muse collection, if you have a mini me!

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Don’t forget to check out their website and follow their social media pages because they not only have amazing clothes, but also have other indulgences which you can find out by following!

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