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Sustainable living is a hot yet confusing topic for many. With global warming intensifying in the recent, many more people are becoming sustainability conscious. Sustainable living is about being mindful of the earth and creating less waste. If you need a stylish and earth-friendly way of living, your go-to is Nobu & Ting!

Nobu & Ting is a Canadian business that sells kitchen and bath products that are earth-friendly. Their signature product is their handmade beeswax wraps that are colorful in patterns and are reusable, making you want to use the product again and again. There are many variations to the colors as well as the size. There are small ones that can be used as wrapping for snacks, or larger ones that can be used to cover dishes. What are the magic ingredients behind these amazing reusable wraps? 100% Canadian beeswax, tree resin, and organic jojoba oil! The beeswax wrap becomes sticky when warmed up by your hands creating the iconic ベタベタ( Bet-A Bet-A) or sticky feeling, but their unique feature is their extra sticky corners, ensuring the wraps cling well to your bowls and dishes. The wraps create less plastic waste by using reusable material and creating a smaller carbon footprint.

Konjac soaps from Nobu & Ting

They also support other local small businesses and carry their products such as konjac sponges, soaps, tea towels, and sponge cloths. The konjac sponges come from konjac plants that contain vegetable fibers, making them biodegradable. The soaps are handmade using natural ingredients and have 10 different aromatic blended scents. Sponge cloths come from cotton and wood pulp, creating that sponge-like absorption while negating the paper towel waste. All of these products are made and/or sourced in Ontario and are made without harsh chemicals, like the ones used in large factories to mass produce.

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Adrienne and Barry are the amazing Asian entrepreneurs of Nobu & Ting. Nobu & Ting got off the ground because of Adrienne’s concern for the earth, doing her research online while recovering from surgery. Adrienne noticed the reality of where this earth is going with all the plastic waste, and decided to do something about it. She engineered her own beeswax wraps, then realized that this could be useful to many in the community. They showed us the way on how you don’t have to compromise functionality, style, and eco-friendliness! Check out their line on their website or social media accounts linked below!

*All information and photos are from https://nobuandting.ca/ *

Website: https://nobuandting.ca/
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