Grandma’s Have The Most Love! Here’s What One Did.

Written By – Erica Matsui

Want the perfect cuddle combination? Grandma, warmth, and a whole lot of love. Sweet EverGray Baby has all the essentials for a nursery made by a mother and grandmother who knows best.

Fabric made with a mother's love

Entrepreneurship Starts With Passion & Love

The founder of Sweet EverGray Baby started her sewing journey after the birth of her daughter, when she started taking additional sewing classes. However, after sewing multiple items for her grandchildren, Everly and Grayson, her items started catching the eyes of many others. The eye catching and comfortable pieces were what every parent and grandparent wanted for their children or grandchildren. After some encouragement, she decided to open Sweet EverGray Baby as her business. Her business saw an increase in sales over the past couple years, yet she still continues to make each piece by hand with love. This is an exemplary case where love and passion led to entrepreneurship, and it is an extremely beautiful thing.

Pillows made with love

Elegant Patterns & Fabrics

Sweet EverGray Baby currently sells various blankets, pillows, and car seat canopies. All but the seat canopies are customizable with embroidery such as names or phrases. The color and pattern of the front and back of the product can be chosen from an array of options depending on the item. The most popular is the 100% polyester minky blanket. The minky chenille comes in dimple, floral, girl pattern, and boy pattern textiles.

The Sweet Evergray Baby website is the perfect place to view all the adorable patterns. The luxe minky blanket has an astonishing 12 variations with different colours and patterns. As the name suggests, these blankets are comfy and velvety and are sure to keep the baby warm. Both blankets have an option to make it adult sized so the adults don’t miss out on this treasure! These customized soft blankets and pillows make the perfect gift for a baby shower, or any occasion!

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