Do You Ever Wonder What’s Under The Mask?

Written By – Joseph Scaglione

Why are there so many people against wearing masks? We’ve worn masks long before the Covid-19 pandemic struck! In fact, most of us have worn a mask from a very young age. It’s the mask we wear when we head out into the big world. The person we want people to see. The mask we wear to impress others and earn attention. I’m talking about the persona we’ve created for ourselves. The one wear for most of our lives until we get too tired to maintain it and let our true selves flourish. Until then, we need to maintain those personas and that’s where M A S K comes in.

M A S K is a Toronto based clothing company founded in 2015, focusing on men’s and women’s lifestyle street wear, specializing in high quality products paired with unique designs. MASK wants to capture the heart of Toronto and put it on display for the world. Their apparel reflects the needs and core values of the wearer while remembering the identities we present through our “masks.” There is nothing wrong with maintaining a persona, in fact, it’s almost essential, and MASK wants to help customers explore themselves through four essential elements: Music, Art, Sex, & Knowledge. If your persona grows, so does your identity.

I Am The Face of Toronto t-shirt from Mask

One of my favourite pieces from the collection is the “I Am The Face of Toronto” t-shirt. It’s filled with double meanings and it comes in the perfect shade of Toronto blue. The shirt says it all; the wearer is the face of Toronto, because of the mask they’re wearing. Toronto offers millions of personas, millions of faces, and it’s truly a city of masks.

To browse through MASK’s Toronto centric products and to learn more about the company and their events visit:

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