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There is something personal about a notebook that no digital note taking service can replicate. Perhaps it’s the romance of putting pen to paper while effortlessly transferring your thoughts onto a blank sheet. Reading from one’s notebook means more than reading from one’s computer screen. As we not only get a peak at one’s ideas, but one’s personality through their penmanship, which speaks volumes. My own notebook, which I call a “Thought Book” is a daily way for me to capture my thoughts and ideas on a variety of topics. Catalina Sanchez notebooks fully embrace our fascination with durable, physical storage spaces for our most prized possessions: our words.

Cactus notebooks from Catalina Sanchez

Catalina Sanchez notebooks are hand-made in Toronto using locally sourced environmentally friendly materials. Each person’s thoughts are unique. Catalina Sanchez is crafts unique personalized daily notebooks for thoughts. The notebooks can offfer soft, hard, fabric, or faux leather covers. Whether you enjoy flowers, origami, zebras, or just a particular shade of blue, these notebooks have a cover for you.

Flower filled notebooks from Catalina Sanchez

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